Expanding Social Medicine

Here comes more socialism for you…

From The Washington Times:

The House and Senate last month passed bills to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan, or SCHIP, to families earning several times the national poverty level. A conference to hammer out differences in the two versions is expected to begin this week.

The White House has threatened to veto both bills because of their hefty costs.

The Senate bill would expand eligibility in the program to families earning up to three times the national poverty level — about $62,000 annually for a family of four. [snip]

Thousands of families who earn enough to pay a tax designed for wealthy Americans also would be eligible for government-subsidized health care for low-income children if proposals in the Democrat-controlled Congress become law.

In New York, almost 15,000 families who pay the alternative minimum tax would be covered under the healthcare program if the state’s plan to increase eligibility to those earning four times the poverty level — $83,000 for a family of four — is approved, according to an analysis by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

Only our out of control Federal Govt. would consider people rich and poor at the same time. This is ludicrous, and itn is not the job of the Federal Govt. to provide healthcare for ANYONE. Not only will they raise your taxes to pay for this, but they will cut benefits to the elderly! Not that the Govt. Should be providing for the elderly either, again outside their Constitutional limits, but the elderly need healthcare more than children do. Let’s face most children are healthy as an ox. These welfare programs just encourage parents to run to the doctor every time a kid has a runny nose. Then idiot doctors over prescribe antibiotics, which don’t work on viruses, on our tax payer dime. The parent, if they had to pay for the doctor’s visit, would think long and hard before running to the doctor for every cold. this also clogs up the doctor’s offices and clinics making it difficult for those who really need to see a doctor.

All that said, they will be covering “children” up to the age of TWENTY FIVE!!! Plus, poor is 83,000.00?? this is national healthcare under the guise of caring for poor children, but not so poor as to qualify for medicare! Republicans voted for this?? This is why I am not a republican, they don’t stand for their own platform of limited govt. this is socialism plain and simple.

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