US Guns – Just doing the job Mexican guns can’t do

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This is such a retarded report on Mexican drug cartels smuggling
drugs into the US. The drug cartels have American manufactured guns so
of course CBS News is blaming the guns,
not the drug smugglers! Nor are they lamenting the porousness of US
borders. This biased, pathetic excuse for a reporter (ohhhh, he’s not
really a reporter, Keach Hagey is a paid “professional” blogger for
CBS) then transforms the story into a BDS rant on Darfur. Unbelievable!

They get into Mexico stuffed into the baggy pant legs or
hidden in the trunks of “ants,” or gunrunners — often aided by corrupt
customs officials. The weapons are often bought legally at gun shows in
Arizona and other border states where loopholes allow criminals to
stock up without background checks.

Guns are now flooding into the country in part because of the cartel
war, and in part because of the ease of buying high-powered weapons
since the U.S. assault weapons ban was not renewed in 2004, according
to an ATF official.

The American taxpayer must now mop up the bloody results of the
ban’s demise: President Bush has promised $500 million in U.S. aid to
help Mexico battle drug cartels, who are formidable precisely because
of their steady supply of AK-47s and grenade launchers that were made
In the U.S.A.

About that $500M in aid? Truly this is a test in logic for the
administration, stay with me here. President Bush wants to give the
Mexican military $500,000 to aid in fighting the Mexican drug cartels.
The problem with this logic is the Mexican military IS aiding and
assisting the Mexican drug cartels. So, the $500M in aid is just going
to be used against the US. Yeah, that all makes sense.

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Gunmen in Iraq Kidnap Eleven Tribal Leaders Allied With U.S.

This is not good news…

From WaPo:

Eleven tribal leaders who had banded with U.S. troops to fight the Sunni insurgent group al-Qaeda in Iraq were kidnapped Sunday morning, the latest in a string of such attacks, fellow tribesmen said.

The Shiite and Sunni sheiks, members of the al-Salam Support Council, a group fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq in volatile Diyala province, were taken from their cars by gunmen as they were returning home from a meeting in Baghdad with a government official, the tribesmen said.

Hadi al-Anbaki, a spokesman for the mostly Shiite council, said the attack was carried out by the Mahdi Army, a militia controlled by the anti-American Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. “This was an ambush,” Anbaki said.

The kidnapping highlighted the complex and quickly shifting nature of the bloodshed convulsing Iraq, with Shiite and Sunni groups increasingly targeting members of their own sects who align themselves with U.S. forces.

Great now we are losing our Iraqi allies. We are finally getting somewhere and we let the terrorists kidnap those who are working with us? We had better find them and get them back quickly.

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The Uncooperative Radio Show! October. 27 and 28 2007

MicrophoneWe finally got our internet back!

Live, Independent, Conservative Talk Radio! We are rocking every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8pm to 10pm Eastern Time.

I will be talking about important issues facing this country, Some things you will not find anywhere else, even on my blog. We also do one segment every Friday on Gun Politics, every Saturday a segment on Illegal Immigration and every Sunday a segment on our Heroes. So, tune in, or wait for the podcast. The podcasts automatically appear in the sidebar, I hope you enjoy that feature.

If you have the time listen live from my show page, listen to the podcasts from the sidebar or download the podcasts from the shows homepage.

Friday, Saturday and Sundays!

8pm Eastern
7pm Central
6pm Mountain
5pm Pacific

Anyone can listen
or call the show

ID: 9461.

If you create an account and download the software you can also interact with the show and others logged in, with live chat.

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John Stossel Exposes Flaws In Global Warming News / Propoganda You Are Receiving [Video]

As I have said before CO2 is not a pollutant and it is not causing global warming. Global warming is, in fact, causing a rise in CO2. A rise in solar activity causing solar flares is blocking cosmic particles from reaching our atmosphere causing a decrease in cloud cover and a warming temperature. In fact, it was warmer during Medieval times than it is now.

The scientists in Stossel’s report have created an excellent documentary on the subject using factual science, instead of inflated non-sense from computer models, called the Great Global Warming Swindle. Tower has the DVD for 15.82 USD.

Hat tip: Digger’s Realm

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The Great Global Warming Swindle

UPDATE: The DVD has been released so the video is no longer available online for free. Tower has the DVD for 15.82 USD.

A fan sent me a link to this video debunking The Man Made Global Warming case. It is a documentary that will be released soon on DVD called The Great Global Warming Swindle.

From their Site:

A DVD of the film, The Great Global Warming Swindle, will be available from mid July (despite the strenuous efforts of those who support the theory of global warming to prevent its release). The DVD is an expanded and improved version of the film broadcast in the UK on Channel Four. More interview material has been added, covering a broader range of subjects than was possible in the broadcast film.[snip…]

The makers of the documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle have made many science documentaries before. The thing they found most shocking when they started to make this one, was the weakness of the case for man made global warming, and the quantity and quality of the evidence which flatly contradicts it.

Finally, some REAL Science on the subject. This is over one hour to watch the whole thing, but well worth it. Hurry, I don’t know how long the link will last.

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Where have I been?

This is a long story, but I will make it brief. My satellite was having problems and the company told me it was my tria (the little thing that sits on the end of the dish that does the receiving and transmitting). I had a spare so I changed it, no good. Hmm, so I tried to re-point the dish, but I got no signal. So, I changed the wires and nothing. so, I called the company they sent a technician, but no technician arrived. 6 weeks of this and they finally sent me a new modem, but that didn’t fix it, so I am confused. So, I called the company and they sent out another tech call, but no technician came. So I am thinking my signal meter mucst be bad and call the place that installed my system and sold me the meter. He felt bad and actually came up to fix my system, he too was confused. Finally we put the old tria on and it worked. The company sent me a dead tria. He did not asked to be paid but I am sending him a check for 100.00. Hey I live in the middle of nowhere and it takes about 1 hour to get to my place from pavement. So all told it has been about 2 months without satellite.

The company, now, does not want to replace the tria because I let someone else touch my system that they did not send.