Happy Thanksgiving!

Horn of Plenty

Take a Thanksgiving quiz -can you get a score of 7? I only got a score of 5
and then Read the Story of the American Thanksgiving. You can re-take the quiz after reading the story, but no cheating.

Some Thanksgiving online activities from Scholastic. this is good for all ages.
Wikipedia on Thanksgiving
The Holiday Spot
Celebrate Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving E-cards
More Thanksgiving cards

Thanksgiving Recipes:
My tip is to always brine your birds for 4 to 12 hours in one cup of salt per one gallon of cold water. This will give you a flavorful MOIST bird. Yeah, I like to cook.
All Recipes
Holiday.net Recipes
Razzle Dazzle Recipes
If you MUST have a Vegetarian to Thanksgiving

Cooked Turkey


Online Thanksgiving Day games
Offline Thanksgiving Games
Word Search

Pilgrims Praying

Reverend Brian says “God Bless You all”

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