Bush Begs Saudis For lower oil Prices

Fantastic now our President is bowing to the Saudis begging for greater production to lower oil prices. Why doesn’t he beg Congress to make it easier to build refineries in this country?? Why doesn’t hey beg Congress to open up our country to drill our own oil?? This is humiliating…

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2 Responses

  1. I don’t agree with the notion he is begging, I mean he took with him $20 billion in weapons as a thankyou, and Gave (meaning you and I paid for it) another $30 billion in weapons to Isreal just to keep everybody happy.

  2. to finish,
    this entire idea of ‘begging’ is media manipulation to help us all forget the long history of the Bush and Saud families doing close business with each other – so to place them as adversaries is silly. the headlines should really just say, “go to sleep, people, nothing of interest here.”

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