Judge blocks Philadelphia from enforcing new gun laws

Here we go again…

From TBO:

A judge on Thursday temporarily blocked the city from enforcing five gun-control ordinances pending a challenge from the National Rifle Association.

The NRA argues that state law prevents Pennsylvania municipalities from regulating guns, a view that even the city’s crime-weary district attorney shares.

“The city has no basis to pass any of these gun-control ordinances and they know it,” lawyer C. Scott Shields argued on the NRA’s behalf.

They tried this in Helena Montana, they banned loaded firearms within city limits against the preemptive state law which stated no municipality or cvounty could pass tougher gun restrictions than the state, which allows open carry. Well, I fought that one and won it , with the help of the NRA. These anti-gun legislators need to know they have to follow the laws of their states. Not to mention more gun control laws will not prevent violent crime; criminals do not follow laws.

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One thought on “Judge blocks Philadelphia from enforcing new gun laws

  1. Brian,

    I assume that you are not a fan of either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, but an enemy of my enemy is my friend. As a Midwesterner who spent most his childhood summers in rural Central Montana, I am far from the “-ista” as my blog suggests, but I am a Liberal. Because I am a Liberal does not mean I am a Democrat nor would Conservative be ascribed to Republican.

    Nevertheless, as my issue record suggests being a big “L” liberal I should be supporting Obama, who is far left but hiding under a banner of being “Not a Clinton.” I chose to go Democrat in this election after Mitt Romney was bumped (unfortunately) from the race and late in the game became a Clintonista. Given the two choices, I’d want Clinton up against McCain. Because if that was the case, we’d have a REAL election season. McCain and Clinton respect eachother and I can hardly imagine Clinton would stoop to nasty politics against him.

    An Obama-McCain contest match-up would allow McCain to win, but it would get nasty AND Obama and his people would turn the electoral process into a circus sideshow. I am not saying the Clintons haven’t done that already with the primaries (oh because have they ever!), but Barack-olytes are artists and masters of the Carnival.

    I went on a tangent with this post, but if you don’t mind I am going to link to your blog. Would appreciate it if you could do the same, if not it is understandable, but I will do so nevertheless (with your permission). While our positions on the issues, clearly do not line up, I have a feeling that we both have a strong sense of Country and Self forged by a respect for the grand experience that established us.

    If it is Hillary v. McCain, I wouldn’t mind either winning. If it is Obama v. McCain, I’d want McCain to dominate but there is a chance of an Obama presidency would be a concern for people on both ends of the spectrum with the power of logic and readon like you and me. I also fear Obama will make it nasty and McCain just is not the man who’d play that way. Hillary v. McCain would be a gentleman’s contest, I truly believe as they know, trust, and respect eachother.

    This comment, please do not take as a “Vote for Hillary” or “Support Hillary” statement, it is more of a “we need to unite in the blogosphere, both right and left, to quell a storm on the horizon.

    Also, I apologize this got WAY too long. Again, I would like to add you to my blogroll, but I would not be offended if you decline for I know we represent somewhat political poles.

    Keep up the blogging good sir!

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