Czech President says Environmentalism the new communism

Finally someone else gets it!

From The Washington Times:

Environmentalism, says Czech President Vaclav Klaus, is the new communism, a system of elite command-and-control that kills prosperity and should similarly be condemned to the ash heap of history.

The provocative Mr. Klaus, an economist by training and former prime minister, said in an interview that today’s global warming activists are the direct descendants of the old Marxists who trampled on individual freedoms and undermined free markets in pursuit of a greater good.

“I understand that global warming is a religion conceived to suppress human freedom,” he told editors and reporters at The Washington Times. “It is used to justify an enormous scope for government intervention vis-a-vis the markets and personal freedom.”

The 66-year-old Mr. Klaus was in Washington this week for talks with senior U.S. officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, and to tout his new book, “Blue Planet in Green Shackles,” about the dangers to life, liberty and prosperity posed by the modern environmental movement. [snip]

An admirer of conservative former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, he has emerged as a leading voice in Europe for free markets and individual rights. [snip]

Former Vice President Al Gore – whom Mr. Klaus has challenged to a public debate – won the Nobel Peace Prize and the Czech Republic ratified the Kyoto climate treaty seven years ago, but Mr. Klaus insisted he had the world’s “silent majority” behind him in the green debate.

“I don’t feel alone,” he insisted.

Yeah Al, why not debate Global Warming? You won a Nobel Peace Prize for your work on Global Warming, certainly you know enough to debate the man, no? what are you afraid of, hmm?

He rejected the “fashionable” idea of a cap-and-trade pollution control system, endorsed by Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain and his two Democratic rivals, Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Under cap-and-trade, the government would set a ceiling under which companies could trade “credits” on how much carbon they produce.

“It’s a scheme to play the market and I refuse to accept that concept,” he said. “Please don’t try to play the market.”

More practically, he said, government bureaucrats will be so afraid of setting the cap too low – stifling all economic activity – that they will set the ceiling too high, making it “meaningless.”

Mr. Klaus pointed to the sharp rise in global energy prices as a sign the market is a far better engine for social change than politicians or bureaucrats.

The recent price increase “is so much more than any government would dare to do,” he said. “Can you imagine if the U.S. Congress tried to introduce such a tax to cut consumption? The Congress would disappear tomorrow morning.” [snip]

Mr. Klaus was a leading figure in the first Prague governments after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and was prime minister when the former Czechoslovakia broke into two countries in the “Velvet Divorce” of 1993.

Global warming is based on junk science and we the people are not causing global warming. In fact, The temperature has no warmed at all since 1998 and now scientyist are saying we are entering a decade of global cooling.

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Rep. Bruce Braley Still Pandering to Illegals

Cross posted from InMuscatine:

U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley on Tuesday asked federal officials for a tally of the costs of last week’s immigration raid in Postville and similar enforcement actions in 2006 at Swift & Co. meatpacking plants in Marshalltown and five other Midwest cities.

“It is important that my constituents in Iowa and all U.S. taxpayers know how their tax dollars are being spent,” the Waterloo Democrat said in a letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Assistant Secretary Julie Myers.

[From Braley wants to know how much raids cost | The Des Moines Register]

Mr. Braley :

Since you have decided to become a watchdog on spending, we suggest you look into these areas as well :

* The Congressional budget

* Social Security

* Medicare

* The EPA budget

We will hazard a guess there is more waste, fraud and abuse in the Congressional budget alone than the government spent on enforcement of our laws at Postville, Iowa.

But that is not what you are interested in, is it Mr. Braley?

Braley said it’s important for federal immigration officials to be as transparent as possible when enforcement actions occur.

Translation : it’s important for Braley to harass immigration officials when enforcement actions occur.

The congressman asked for a breakdown of ICE’s expenses, including planning, execution, processing, detention and deportation costs. He also asked for the budgets of other cooperating agencies that assisted with the raids.

To what end, save the harassment of those performing their duties? From what we have seen, Mr. Braley should be more worried about executing his oath of office than pandering to the criminals flowing across our borders. Save that, there should be a recall election mounted to force Mr. Braley from office for not upholding his oath of office.

In the wake of the Postville raid, Braley said he supports an investigation into whether Agriprocessors Inc. violated workplace safety, child labor and immigration laws.

Wait a minute. On one hand, Mr. Braley would have us believe he is the watchdog of the American taxpayer dollar, and on the other he is calling for open-ended, God-knows-how-expensive investigations which would be mostly pointless. Call us crazy, but this is the best example of pandering we think we could possibly offer up.

Shame be on you, Mr. Braley. That is, it would be if you had any concept of what shame is.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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Sob Story for the Illegals

Cross posted from InMuscatine

POSTVILLE, Iowa — Antonio Escobedo ran to get his wife Monday when he saw a helicopter circling overhead and immigration agents approaching the meatpacking plant where they both work. The couple hid for hours inside the plant before obtaining refuge in the pews and hall at St. Bridget’s Catholic Church, where hundreds of other Guatemalan and Mexican families gathered, hoping to avoid arrest.

[From Immigration Raid Jars a Small Town | Washington Post]

Quaint. Unfortunately, there is no “get out of jail free” card tacked on the door of any church. The right of “sanctuary” has never been codified in American law that we have ever seen. Frankly, we are upset at the incompetence of the immigration officials if this story is true – nobody should have been able to hide for hours inside that plant.

And while we are on the subject, we would like to know exactly when being a reporter was a “get out of jail free” card when it came to being an accomplice to a crime. If such provisions exist in American law, we would like to see them repealed and the punishment stiffened by at least double. We tire of reporters being able to shield lawbreakers and fugitives because they are “working a story”. Being a reporter does not excuse you from your civic duties, and that should include harboring, aiding, or otherwise abetting illegal aliens.

Monday’s raid on the Agriprocessors plant, in which 389 immigrants were arrested and many held at a cattle exhibit hall, was the Bush administration’s largest crackdown on illegal workers at a single site. It has upended this tree-lined community, which calls itself “Hometown to the World.” Half of the school system’s 600 students were absent Tuesday, including 90 percent of Hispanic children, because their parents were arrested or in hiding.

To which we add – GOOD! Let those who break laws know fear for every waking moment. We care not the color of their skin, and they have surely shown the content of their character. Let fear be their companion every waking moment of the rest of their lives until they come here legally.

Current and former officials of the Department of Homeland Security say its raid on the largest employer in northeast Iowa reflects the administration’s decision to put pressure on companies with large numbers of illegal immigrant workers, particularly in the meat industry. But its disruptive impact on the nation’s largest supplier of kosher beef and on the surrounding community has provoked renewed criticism that the administration is disproportionately targeting workers instead of employers, and that the resulting turmoil is worse than the underlying crimes.

“They don’t go after employers. They don’t put CEOs in jail,” complained the Postville Community Schools superintendent, David Strudthoff, 51, who said the sudden incarceration of more than 10 percent of the town’s population of 2,300 “is like a natural disaster — only this one is manmade.”

We tire of people seemingly incapable of logic. How can one hold an employer liable for civil or criminal penalties if they themselves have been “duped” by forged documents? It’s like shutting down the corner convenience store if some kid buys beer with the world’s best fake ID. Personally, we wish to see David Strudthoff arrested for counterfeiting the next time he is discovered be to holding a phony $20 bill.
The odds say we have all had a fake bill, at one time or another. We probably never suspected, never knew and didn’t care. Since ol’ Dave wants employers to be instant experts in document authenticity, perhaps he should be held to the exact same standard.
Let us not forget – in addition to illegal immigration enforcement the charges alleged in this raid also dealt with I.D. theft. We know the Washington Post saw fit to bury this in the last third of the story, but it is perhaps the most important part.
Many would have us believe that illegal immigration is a “victimless” crime – we beg to differ. There are many people all across America who have had their lives ruined by ID theft, and no doubt a large percentage of these people had their lives and credit ruined by illegal aliens.

Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) said enforcement efforts against corporations that commit immigration violations have “plummeted” under the Bush administration. “Until we enforce our immigration laws equally against both employers and employees who break the law, we will continue to have a problem,” he said.

Congressman Braley, you are a pandering idiot. There is no equality in enforcement of the law, as employers and employees are held to very different standards. We don’t recall any statistic which points to the jails of this land being filled with people who present false documentation as part of the hiring process. If that were to include “resume padding”, we advance the idea our prisons would be bursting at the seems from this crime alone.

Instead of pandering to those breaking the law, maybe – just maybe – you can get off your duff, buck your party and actually do something about enforcing the laws of this land as you swore to do when taking your oath of office! Remember this :

“I, Bruce Braley, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.’’

We note there is absolutely no mention of party in that paragraph. So get off your pandering ass and start upholding and defending the Constitution as you swore to do!

Of the adults, 306 face criminal charges for aggravated identity theft and other crimes related to the use of false documents.

Wow. That reporter must be plumb tuckered out devoting so much energy to the reporting of the other crimes alleged in this raid. It makes Callista Flockhart seem downright obese. Let’s put those numbers in perspective – out of nearly 400 people arrested, 306 are facing ID theft charges. To be precise – 78.66% of those arrested. Postville’s entire economy was based on a lie. It was based on crime. It does not deserve to continue.

“The problem is, who is going to do the work?” said Stephen G. Bloom, a University of Iowa journalism professor who wrote a 2000 book on the clash of cultures in Postville as Agriprocessors’ Lubavitch Jewish leaders gained influence in the mostly Lutheran town. “This is a no-win situation.”

Ahhh, yes. What would any sob story article be without the obligatory quote from a Liberal academician? We will tell you who will do the work, Mr. Bloom – Americans. Americans will do the work but not at third-world wages. What will happen is what happened at other plants raided in America, which is the wages will rise and Americans will once again fill the jobs that allegedly no American will do.

It is very much a win-win situation and not the no-win you paint, Mr. Bloom. Wages will rise, Americans will be employed gainfully once again, the economy will thrive and no longer be based on a lie.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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Jews defend Rev. Hagee’s words

I was wondering if anyone would defend his comments…

From The Washington Times:

Jewish allies of the Rev. John Hagee rushed to his defense yesterday to say the Texas evangelist is not anti-Semitic despite Sen. John McCain campaign’s repudiation Thursday of the evangelist’s endorsement.

“John Hagee is one of the Jewish people’s best friends,” Los Angeles talk show host Dennis Prager said on the air yesterday morning. “Identifying John Hagee with anti-Semitism would be like identifying Raoul Wallenberg, the great Swede who saved thousands of Jews in the Holocaust, with anti-Semitism.”

Orthodox Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg, of Congregation Rodfei Sholom in San Antonio, appeared at an afternoon press conference yesterday to say Mr. Hagee’s “words were twisted and used to attack him for being anti-Semitic.”

In actuality, Mr. Hagee “interpreted a biblical verse in a way not very different from several legitimate Jewish authorities,” the rabbi said.

“Viewing Hitler as acting completely outside of God’s plan is to suggest that God was powerless to stop the Holocaust, a position quite unacceptable to any religious Jew or Christian,” the rabbi said.[snip]

At issue was Mr. Hagee’s reference — in a late 1990s sermon and in his 2006 book “Jerusalem Countdown” to Adolf Hitler being a “hunter” used by God to force Jews to emigrate to Israel.

In a reference to the Book of Jeremiah, whose author predicts a scattering of the Jewish people but saying God would bring them back to the promised land, Mr. Hagee says in the sermon: “How did [the Holocaust] happen? Because God allowed it to happen. Why did it happen? Because God said my top priority for the Jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of Israel.”

There is nothing wrong with Hagee’s Statement, many Jewish scholars believe the same thing. In fact, many believe that the Jewish people have brought all their tragedies upon themselves by breaking their Covenants with God.

McCain and the pundants where too quick to denounce Rev. Hagee with a knee jerk reaction to what the man said. He was not being anti-semetic, he was being a biblical scholar and thinker

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Border Patrol Provides Free Taxi Service for Illegal Aliens

Cross posted from Bear creek Ledger:

From the Corruption Chronicles:

Instead of arresting thousands of illegal immigrants who qualify for prosecution for entering the country multiple times, the U.S. Border Patrol simply gives them a ride home knowing that they will likely return.

In some cases the cycle repeats itself on dozens of occasions or more than 100 times with no consequences for the illegal border crossers. The illegal aliens get caught repeatedly and, rather than getting arrested or charged, they get a free ride south of the border. Most have no intention of staying in the U.S., but rather make it north to panhandle with their children in front of American businesses located near the border.

They mostly include groups of women who use their children to lure sympathy and money from Americans. They solicit at strip malls and other businesses far enough from the border to avoid federal agents. Then, when they are ready to return home with their dollars, they purposely loiter at stores near the U.S.-Mexico border and agents drive them back south.

Each year the agency in charge of protecting the nation’s borders gets played in this manner by thousands of illegal aliens. In the last fiscal year alone, nearly 500 Mexican women and children have been rounded up and returned home. One woman sneaked across the border at least 128 times in the past eight years and each time she used the Border Patrol as a free taxi service from El Paso Texas to her hometown of Oaxaca Mexico.

The Border Patrol admits that the repeat offenders qualify for prosecution, but claims that a crucial humanitarian factor—not separating a family—plays a role in its decision not to arrest the illegal immigrant women with children. Agents use a loophole that gives them discretion to keep adults and children united and out of prison. An agency spokesman justified it, saying that these particular Mexicans are coming to beg and not trying to further their entry into the United States.

Isn’t that so nice of the BP, not only do they not charge these illegal aliens with illegal entry but they then turn around and use taxpayers dollars to provide a free taxi ride. The Border Patrol goes from insult to injury with American citizens. I would suppose since none of these illegals are charged that would mean their biometrics are not on file. If charged, the second illegal re-entry would be considered a felony.

Hogwash to the justification used by the BP on separating the adults from their children. The illegal aliens choose to illegally cross the border with their children, it’s their problem if arrested. How about these illegal put their energies into finding work in Mexico instead of begging off of Americans. The BP is encouraging another generation of Mexicans to beg and sponge off of Americans, way to go.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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Congress decidedly passes farm bill

I wish President bush had dusted off the veto stamp in his first term…

From the boston globe:

With veto-proof margins, Congress yesterday sent President Bush a bill that would boost farm subsidies and money for food stamps to help the poor deal with rising grocery prices.

Bush has threatened to veto the $290 billion bill, saying it is fiscally irresponsible and too generous to wealthy corporate farmers in a time of record crop prices.

But Congress disagreed, with both chambers passing the measure by well more than the two-thirds’ majority needed to override a veto. The Senate voted 81 to 15, a day after the House passed the bill with 318 yes votes.

About two-thirds of the bill would pay for domestic nutrition programs such as food stamps and emergency food aid for the needy. An additional $40 billion is for farm subsidies, while almost $30 billion would go to farmers to idle their land and to other environmental programs.

Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer again criticized the bill after Tuesday’s House vote, saying it has the wrong priorities.

“It does not target help for the farmers who really need it, and it increases the size and cost of government while jeopardizing the future of legitimate farm programs by damaging the credibility of farm bills in general,” he said.

Congress has overridden only one veto, on a water projects bill, during Bush’s two terms.

Congressional negotiators met for weeks in an effort to come closer to the White House on the amount of money to be paid to wealthy farmers – one of the chief sticking points with the administration. But drastic cuts to subsidies were not possible, lawmakers said, because of the clout of Southern lawmakers who represent rice and cotton farms, which are more expensive to run.

Yup let us give tax payer dollars to farmers who are now getting more than 4 times what they used to get for their crops, while people are starving thanks to ethanol production, which we also subsidize by the way.

They can throw our money at wealthy farmers, but not fund our troops, interesting.
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House defeats bill for more war funding

From the boston globe:

The Democratic-led House yesterday rejected more funds to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; many Republicans angry over the majority party’s tactics sat out the vote. It did approve more money for the jobless and an expansion of GI education benefits.
more stories like this

In a rapid series of votes on the war-funding bill and accompanying components, Republicans withheld their votes in protest, leading to the defeat of the Iraq-funding legislation by a 149-to-141 tally. Nearly two-thirds of the House’s Democrats voted against continuing to fund the war.[snip]

A total of 132 Republicans withheld their votes for the troops-funding bill in protest, saying the strategy by Democrats to load the war-funding measure with unrelated provisions would unnecessarily delay getting funding to service members in the field.

“We’re playing political games on the backs of our troops – you know it,” said the House minority leader, John Boehner, Republican of Ohio. “All this bill’s going to do is delay the process for weeks and weeks and weeks while we play political games.”

Don’t worry this will be temporary it will be back and the troops will be funded. I cannot believe the dems will want to be hit with not providing for the troops. However…

A total of 132 Republicans withheld their votes for the troops-funding bill in protest, saying the strategy by Democrats to load the war-funding measure with unrelated provisions would unnecessarily delay getting funding to service members in the field.

“We’re playing political games on the backs of our troops – you know it,” said the House minority leader, John Boehner, Republican of Ohio. “All this bill’s going to do is delay the process for weeks and weeks and weeks while we play political games.”

The politics behind this is to remove the Iraq war issue from the discourse in the general election. However on a positive note…

Thirty-two Republicans joined with Democrats on a 256-to-166 vote to sharply boost education benefits for Iraq-Afghanistan veterans under the GI Bill, despite an accompanying tax surcharge on the wealthy and small businesses, and voted to provide a 13-week extension of unemployment benefits.[snip]

The White House weighed in again yesterday with a promise to veto the bill over the rejection of war spending, the new tax surcharge, and restrictions on President Bush’s ability to conduct the war in Iraq.

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