1-800-SCAMMER: Prepaid Calling Cards Rife With Fraud

One has to ponder how many of these calling cards are used by; Ok let me list them; hum…. drug dealers, terrorists, illegal aliens; you all feel free to add to the list.

from the APWASHINGTON — Rosalba Posada can tick off a list of problems she has encountered trying to use prepaid calling cards to stay in touch with family back in Colombia.

There were the cards that didn’t deliver as many minutes as promised and the cards that charged extra fees to call a cell phone.

There were the cards that offered several hundred minutes of calling time, but began deducting minutes if they were not all used in a single call.

There was the card that had already expired when Posada tried to use it just a few months after buying it.

And there was the card that simply didn’t work at all.

oh how wonderful. Now don’t go blaming captialism for this; its a hungry beast that is wonderful, but must be collared not caged.Technorati Tags:

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