Congress OK’s temporary spending patch

Here we go a spending, a spending, a spending. Here we go a spending, all day long.

From the Washington Times:

Congress Friday passed a temporary spending measure to keep the government open through Wednesday as lawmakers struggled over an omnibus appropriations bill for the remainder of the fiscal year.

The House passed the bill by a 328-50 vote; the Senate acted by unanimous voice vote. President Barack Obama was slated to sign the measure later Friday.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, said the chamber would continue to work through a large number of proposed amendments to the $410 billion spending package, with hopes of wrapping up work by Monday or Tuesday. Mr. Reid acknowledged Thursday night he was one vote short of the 60 he needs to cut off debate and allow a final roll-call vote.

The new “continuing resolution” keeps spending levels essentially at the previous fiscal year’s limits. The resolution was needed because funding for more than a dozen Cabinet-level departments and agencies was set to expire at midnight.

Senate Republicans insisted on offering at least a dozen more amendments that Mr. Reid said he would “work hard to defeat.” There are also Democrats who object to the more than 9,000 member-directed “earmarks” in the omnibus bill, despite President Obama’s stated intention to limit pork provisions in appropriations bills.

Sure they are telling the American public that the budget with keep spending at “the previous fiscal year’s limits”, but they already are on their way to passing the “stimulus package” which SPENDS more of our tax payer money. Look Congress has no money of their own. They don’t have a savings account. The only thing they can do with the money they get from us is to spend it, and then ask for more. What a country.
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