States Move Away From Abstinence-Only Sex Education as Teen Birth Rates Rise

The communists are going crazy after this election. They are once again targeting our children. Well good for them, bad for you.

From Fox News:

RALEIGH, N.C. — High school students from Connecticut to California could soon be learning about abstinence-only sex education — as ancient history.

At least 24 states and the District of Columbia are moving from abstinence instruction to a more comprehensive approach that includes lessons about STD prevention and contraception, a massive shift away from the wait-until-marriage method pushed heavily by the Bush administration.

Many states adopted abstinence-only education in return for federal funding, but 13 years after Congress designed the programs in 1996, teen pregnancy rates are on the rise and critics say kids are simply not listening to the abstinence-only message.

“It’s bad — we have the ninth-highest pregnancy rate in the country and it’s clear that our students need more information,” said Emily Pelino, education director for the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina (APPCNC).

If you continue to read the article, they are blaming the Bush administration and the Internet for the increase in teen pregnancy. Not the kids, not the parents, and not any adult they come in contact with. Say, the slutty teachers and coaches themselves. No, we put our kids and tax payer dollars in these freaks hands everyday. What a great system, comrade.
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One thought on “States Move Away From Abstinence-Only Sex Education as Teen Birth Rates Rise

  1. Although you’re right about not blaming the parents about this (who should be talking to their kids themselves about sex) you can’t blame the kids. All their lives they’ve been taught lies about sex, from their friends, to tv, to the internet and even in their schools! (who are funded the government). Kids are being taught that abstinence is the only way to go, that condoms are ineffective and that if you have sex before marriage, they are immoral and will probably die of an STD. I don’t think this is what these confused little teenagers with hormones raging through their body need to here. If it comes to the point that they do have sex, how are they going to be able to have safe sex if they have never been taught how to. Will they even have a reason to wear a condom if they’ve been taught they don’t actually work. And if our former president was advocating for it, yes, i can say, he is partly to blame.
    If you want to REDUCE unwanted pregnancies, in turn reduce abortion, and further, reduce billions of dollars funding welfare for families who can’t afford their unwanted kids… than comprehensive sex education is the way to go.

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