The Bad Blogger and Age

Hey all you hard working, beer guzzling, gun toten, church going right wing extremists, welcome to the blog. Its been a long time since I’ve had anything to say here. Bad Blogger, very bad blogger. Hopefully, my life will not be as hectic as it has been and I can blog more. Hope springs eternal.

I am staying at a friends house and decided to write about growing old. It dawned on me tonight that age is a gradual thing. Not something that just happens one day. Well maybe if your Brad Pitt in his new movie. But being a nurse for 15yrs I have taken care of my share of elderly people and have overheard others say; Gosh, how did they get that old.

I’ll give you a hint, it took time. My girlfriend who is about to turn forty is lamenting this turning point in her life and cannot believe it is happening to her. Just as she hands me my reading glasses that I lost and just started wearing this year. I looked at her a realized that age is a gradual thing and you can do two things. Either embrace and have reverence for the precious time you have spent on this great blue ball we call earth or run screaming to find the nearest plastic surgeon.

I for one am proud of my wrinkles and the start of my hair going grey. (Not there yet by a long shot, though it should be) I’m still healthy and have a great smile, or so I’ve been told. And I don’t intend to give up the ghost just yet. I just learned how to ride a snowmobile and four wheel up my mountain. No, I’m not done just yet.

Well enough of my musing. Let’s see what the wonderful world of politics is up to.

Susan, the Uncooperative Wife.
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