Bible buzz begins as Ark hunters wait to view Ten Commandments box

We’re watching the History Channel this early afternoon, Mountain time and they are doing a special about the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse and then I find this article. ooooo, spooky.

Ark hunters and Bible enthusiasts are buzzing about a report that the Ark of the Covenant, the ancient container that holds the Ten Commandments, is expected to be unveiled in Rome today.

As WND reported, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia says he will announce to the world the unveiling of the Ark, which he says has been hidden away in a church in his country for millennia, according to the Italian news agency Adnkronos.

Abuna Pauolos, in Italy for a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI this week, told the news agency, “Soon the world will be able to admire the Ark of the Covenant described in the Bible as the container of the tablets of the law that God delivered to Moses and the center of searches and studies for centuries.”

Can it be true? We will have to wait and see. For those who believe the end is near, this will be huge. I wonder how the Israelis will react? I mean this discovery could really change the world. Think about all the people that do not believe in God, how would they explain this away? And what would the Muslim world do about this revelation? Ah, we really do live in interesting times. Hey, isn’t that a Chinese Curse!

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Pro-Iran Hackers Deface Oregon University Web Site

This is in no way shape or form anything that the average or even above average Iranian, could do. This is the work of the Iranian Government as a smoke screen to mask the deaths and terrorism they are reigning down upon their people.
This is a prime example of why our beloved Founding Fathers made sure we had the Second Amendment to “protect against a Tyrannical Government”.

From The AP:

PORTLAND, Oregon — Hackers defaced the home page of the Oregon University System, posting a caustic message telling President Obama to mind his own business and stop talking about the disputed Iranian election.

Attempts to access the university system’s Web site were automatically redirected to another page, where readers viewed a message said to be from Iran that asserted there was no cheating in the election. That message was up for 90 minutes before university system technicians intervened Wednesday morning.

The hackers apparently took advantage of third-party software that had not been properly updated, university system spokeswoman Diane Saunders said. Hackers frequently attack the system’s computers, but technicians usually beat back their efforts, she said.

“They are able to stomp on most of them,” Saunders said.

Again, people, please go to the link and read the entire article and make your own “informed” decision about this issue. Then, go and Google our Bill of rights. They were created for a reason.

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Ten Lessons Learned From Past Rail Accidents

From Popular Mechanics:

The death toll from Monday’s terrible rail accident in Washington, D.C., hasn’t yet been verified, but early estimates put it at nine people, with scores of others injured.

While rescuers continue to search the wreckage for survivors, investigators from both Washington’s Metro and the National Transportation Safety Board have begun their investigations into the deadliest train wreck in D.C. history.

Months may pass before we know exactly what caused one train on the Metro’s Red Line to slam into the back of another, jackknifing on top of it. Early speculation holds that the operator never hit the brake before slamming into the train in front.

When investigators find out more, this week’s crash will join other crashes scattered through the years that taught train operators valuable safety lessons.

You are going to have to actually read the entire article, it’s a good one and very informative. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families of the deceased. Disasters happen folks, are you prepared?

I love Popular Mechanics, they are fair and balanced and shot down the “Nut Jobs” that questioned what happened on 911. With real “facts”, not “speculation”.

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EDITORIAL: Sotomayor’s ethical oversight

I usually do not use Editorials, but this is a good one.

From The Washington Times:

Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor seems to think different rules apply to her than to everyone else.

On Page 143 of her Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire, she said she “practiced alone” in a side legal business from 1983 to 1986 “as a consultant to family and friends.” During that time, she also was serving as a prosecutor and then as a member of a larger law firm. Judge Sotomayor listed the name of the solo practice as Sotomayor and Associates.

Advertising a solo practice as if it has more than one lawyer is a problem. Judge Sotomayor appears to have violated this minor but clear rule of legal ethics for four years.

I know all you libs out there are saying conservatives are making mountains out of molehills when it comes to this Judge. But we are not. This is a very important appointment, it’s a life time appointment to the highest court in the land. It’s unfortunate that we are replacing one activist Judge with a “more” liberal, activist Judge. Judges need to be impartial and conservative. These people effect our lives with every single decision they make. Remember the Kelo decision? Row vs Wade?

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NASA Probe Beams Home New Images of the Moon

I know it’s been a while since I blogged. But here we go again. Now this article is funny on two fronts. Read first then I will explain.


A new NASA probe beamed down live images of the moon early Tuesday to reveal a stark surface littered with craters, as it flew toward a planned crash at the lunar south pole later this year.

The $79 million Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, launched toward the moon on June 18 and began sending images today at 8:20 a.m. EDT (1220 GMT).

LCROSS and an attached empty Centaur rocket stage swooped down near the lunar south pole and continued north along the far side of the moon. The spacecraft is getting into position to crash down on the surface on Oct. 9.

“I am staring at Mendeleev (Lat 5.7N, Lon 140.9E), a large ancient impact basin with uniform floor deposits,” the spacecraft (or rather, NASA spokespeople writing as the spacecraft) posted on Twitter shortly after the flyby began.

Ok, first, we need to be building a lunar base on the moon, not crashing billion dollar space crafts into it’s craters. Second, Twitter! Twitter! our tax payer dollars are going to Twitter! See, I thought all the hype about everyone on the planet Twetting and Twittering was an over statement of facts. But apparently not. lol

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Six Flags files for Chapter 11

What? No bail out for amusement parks? Oh that’s right our elected cockroaches are in the process of raising taxes on all of the “things” we common people do for enjoyment, like drink sweet drinks, drink alcohol and eat fatty foods. How dare we ask them to help amusement parks?

From San Francisco Business Times:

Debt-ridden amusement park operator Six Flags has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.

The New York-based chain of parks, which runs Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, has been trying to renegotiate terms with lenders on hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

Six Flags parks, including Discovery Kingdom., will continue to operate as usual under reorganization.

I guess they are not “too Big to fail”, Huh? But notice that they say they are “reorganizing”. I wonder if we let all the rest of these companies “reorganize”, what would happen? Any thoughts?

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North Korea says it will ‘weaponize’ its plutonium

This is not going away folks, until their weapons are destroyed. I could not stand the way former President Bush dealt with this situation. We are wimps when it comes to this issue and it is because of China.

From MyWay:

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea vowed Saturday to step up its atomic bomb-making program and threatened war if its ships are stopped as part of new U.N. sanctions aimed at punishing the nation for its latest nuclear test.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry also acknowledged for the first time that the country has a uranium enrichment program, and insisted it will never abandon its nuclear ambitions. Uranium and plutonium can be used to make atomic bombs.

The threats, in a statement issued through the official Korean Central News Agency, came a day after the Security Council approved new sanctions aimed at depriving the North of the financing used to build its rogue nuclear program.

The resolution also authorized searches of North Korean ships suspected of transporting illicit ballistic missile and nuclear materials.

So finally the UN does something. It is amazing to me how many “libs” love this ineffectual entity. And want it to “ruuullee the woorrld”. I just want it’s headquarters out of my country.

From LaTimes:

Reporting from Washington — The Obama administration is prepared to halt North Korean ships on the high seas to carry out the newest United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang’s arms trade, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. said Friday.

Susan Rice said the United States would intensify its scrutiny of North Korea’s trade in banned weapons, and if U.S. commanders suspect a ship is carrying them, “we are prepared to confront that vessel.”Rice’s comments to reporters at the White House came soon after the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously for new sanctions against North Korea to register its displeasure over Pyongyang’s recent nuclear and missile tests.

Rice said the U.S. Navy wouldn’t forcibly board such ships, but would direct them to a nearby port for inspection. North Korea has warned that it would regard such interdictions as an act of war.

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