Debunking Rumors about Advertising and Photos

Now I have to start with the article that generated the above title responded to. So, first this article:

From Fox News:

Facebook is facing down an image problem, and it’s all about your images.

An untold number of Facebook’s more than 200 million users have been feverishly forwarding instructions in the past week on how to opt out of being the social networking Web site’s corporate pitchman, following warnings that third-party advertisers were creating advertisements with users’ profile photos without permission.

And now the disclaimer;
From Facebook:

The advertisements that started these rumors were not from Facebook but placed within applications by third parties. Those ads violated our policies by misusing profile photos, and we already required the removal of those deceptive ads from third-party applications before this rumor began spreading.

We are as concerned as many of you are about any potential threat to your experience on Facebook and the protection of your privacy. That’s why we prohibit ads on Facebook Platform that cause a bad user experience, are misleading, or otherwise violate our policies. Along with removing ads, we’ve recently prohibited two entire advertising networks from providing services to applications on Facebook Platform because they were not compliant with our policies and failed to correct their practices

Ya’all have to follow the links and make sure this is either true or not. Brian believes “Facebook”. And I’m sure we will be hearing more about this subject in the next few days to come. Will try to keep up on it, guys.Technorati Tags: , , , ,

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