Video: Obama Supporters Pass Out Signs and Leaflets at Castor Town Hall Meeting

Conservatives are now, “mobsters”, “Nazi’s”, “brown shirts”,and “terrorists”.
The Left is loosing it. So, keep it up my fellow conservatives, we’re doing something right.

From Newsbusters:

As the Democrat leadership and their media minions try to convince America that town hall protesters are an angry mob organized by conservative organizations, they completely ignore the efforts by Obama supporters at such gatherings.

The following video shows how members of Organizing for America — the new iteration of the presidential candidate’s campaign group Obama for America — passed out pro-healthcare reform signs and leaflets before Rep. Kathy Castor’s (D-Fla.) now infamous town hall meeting in Tampa, Florida, last Thursday.

Sean Hannity is calling on conservatives to make up a “mobster” name you want to be called by the libs. Ha, Ha. I’ll have to think of one for us too.
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