Agencies Instructed to Separate Politics from Grant Awards

It doesn’t matter if they halt all the Unconstitutional, Left Wing, Commie programs. The problem is that they put them out there and try to push them on the American People. Our “precious” President is “community organizing” from the highest Office in the Land and the World. Do not stop people, keep the pressure on. Open your eyes, be Uncooperative Readers, Listeners, and Citizens. Maybe the whole point to the “Commies” coming out of the closet, was for us to fight for our Constitution and freedom. Maybe this is the tipping point. Let’s tip for conservative values and the Constitution of These United States of America. Let’s fight and get our Republic back. The Left chant “Cumbaya”, conservatives need to start chanting:: The Constitution Is The Solution”.

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — The White House on Tuesday instructed government agencies to keep politics away from the awarding of federal grants, a step taken as the administration sought to minimize the fallout after an official at the National Endowment for the Arts urged artists to advance President Obama’s agenda.The new guidelines were issued at a meeting between White House officials and chiefs of staff across the executive branch, after the disclosure of a conference call last month in which artists were asked to work with the Corporation for Public Service to promote Mr. Obama’s health care, education and environmental proposals.

“We regret any comments on the call that may have been misunderstood or troubled other participants,” said Bill Burton, a deputy White House press secretary. “We are fully committed to the N.E.A’s historic mission, and we will take all steps necessary to ensure that there is no further cause for questions or concerns about that commitment.”

A White House memorandum, distributed to agencies across the executive branch, told officials that grant decisions should be made on their merits and government officials should avoid creating an appearance that politics was involved in any decisions. The administration does not believe the N.E.A. conference call violated the law, Mr. Burton said, but conceded that it bothered some participants who said it crossed the line by promoting the president’s agenda.

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