Jeb Bush’s Sons to Hold Fundraiser for Crist Challenger in Florida Senate Race

So many questions are raised by the following article. I’ll let you read it first then I will opine. Read on MacBeth.

From Fox News;

Crist and Rubio, former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, are facing off to fill the Senate seat vacated by former Sen. Mel Martinez.

The race has emerged as one of the pivotal battlegrounds between the more grassroots-driven conservative base of the GOP, represented by Rubio, and the more moderate wing, represented by Crist. That tension most recently flared in upstate New York’s 23rd Congressional District election, in which Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman basically forced Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava out of the race. Hoffman ended up losing last week to Democrat Bill Owens.

Does this mean that the GOP is spliting up? God, I hope so. It is time that we not only take our country back as conservatives, but have our own party. Our elected cockroaches are a party of one. We need more representation. I say we have a Commie Party, a Conservative Party, and then the Dems/Socialist party and last but not least the Republicrats. ho ah!!!!
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