Happy New Year All !!

Well it’s here, 2010. Does anyone out there remember how many Science Fiction books were written about this year, not to mention movies. Does anyone remember how; said books and movies portrayed our planet? Next week I will be researching just that question and explore it on the Radio Show.

Speaking of which; the Uncooperative Radio Show Host has decided that we will continue to inform, educate and be a platform for the new “Patriot” movement. I am up for the fight against communism and the Obama Administration. Oh, no, I was just added to another “watch list”. lol 🙂

2009 was a year of great change for me. I quit a job, got laid off of a job unjustly; fought against it and won. Have had numerous court stuff, more than any in my lifetime and am now a published author. My novel; Opening a Registered Nurse’s Eyes has been out since November. I have had two interviews on other Radio Shows and am scheduled for more this year.

I also have a few new projects in the works for our little Homestead this year and will keep my readers updated as they come to fruition. Brian’s daughter got married this year and we are looking forward to a grandchild in the future, not the immediate future, but she and her husband are talking about it. We are so proud of her.

So, I hope to be blogging more this year and continuing my writing career. Including, sealing the deal with an agent I am working with to get my children’s stories published.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers and listeners for the wonderful e-mails, comments, chat room discussions and support that you have given us and hope it will continue in this New Year.

I also apologize in advance for any typo’s/misspellings, that will be occuring in this New Year, 2010. I also leave you with this Irish and Chinese curse: May You Live In Interesting Times. Well, we, do.
God Bless Us, Everyone.
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