Yemen crucial to Obama’s vow to defeat Al Qaeda

Bye, Bye Yeman, Bye, Bye American Aide, Hello, killing nut jobs…wait, Obama isn’t going to do that, is he?? I’m not even sure we will be cutting off aide to Yemen. How do I know we send aide to Yemen? Because we send aide to ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE!!! Read on MacBeth.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

The US embassy in Yemen has closed one day after President Obama confirmed that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the failed Christmas Day bomber of Northwest Flight 253, was trained and equipped in Yemen. The move points to the threat posed by Al Qaeda in Yemen. Already, Al Qaeda has struck the US embassy in Yemen once.

In 2008, it laid siege to the embassy, attacking it with mortars rounds and two car bombs – one detonated outside the gates and the second rammed into the embassy’s ramparts. The embassy was not breached, though 13 Yemenis and six terrorists were killed.

For Mr. Obama, though, the question of Al Qaeda in Yemen goes much deeper than Sunday’s decision to shutter the embassy temporarily. More even than Afghanistan, perhaps, Yemen goes to the core of his antiterrorism philosophy.

I give blame where blame is do in this situation. I blame everybody in the government. We have opened ourselves up to global attack by: 1)trying to spread democracy across the world and 2)being part of the UN. Now we have to deal with this situation. So, yea, Obama and his crappy administration have to pick up the sword and fight. But he will not. Oh, and besides, ya never bring a knife to a gun fight.
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