America’s oldest death row inmate dies at the age of 94

My Husband; The Uncooperative Radio Show Host says he won his appeals. This is just disgusting. I can’t even look at the picture of this man’s face in the article. You have to read the entire article to get a sense of what this man did to our society. There is such a thing as evil, people. Evil exists.

Phalen said his research shows that Nash grew up in southern Utah and was sent to the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1930 for an armed robbery.

He spent 25 years in prison for shooting a Connecticut police officer in 1947.

In 1977, Nash was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for a robbery and murder in Salt Lake City but escaped from a prison work crew in October 1982.

Three weeks later, on Nov 3 1982, Nash went into a coin shop in Phoenix and demanded money from an employee, Greggory West.

Nash shot West three times, killing him.

He was convicted of first-degree murder, armed robbery aggravated assault and theft and sentenced to death in 1983.

This article brings up a deeper issue for me. This shows in a “snapshot” how our judicial system is flawed. The Obama administration wants to try terrorists in this system. Wonderful.
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