No Word From American Woman Freed in Alleged Terror Plot, Mom Says

This is just “nuts”. Under the Obamanus administration we are going backwards. Yes, it’s change, back to the way our country dealt with terrorists. Back to the way that the commies tried to take over our Republic. Back to the Jimmy Carter years. Yea, it’s change alright. Now, with that said, why in all that is holy is this “nut job” free?

From Fox News:

LEADVILLE, Colo. — A Colorado woman who says she is the mother of an American held and later released in Ireland over an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist said Sunday she does not know where her daughter or grandson may be.

Christine Mott, of Leadville, said she learned from federal law-enforcement agencies that her 31-year-old daughter, Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, had been arrested. Irish police said Saturday that they had released an American woman and three others arrested over the alleged plot to kill Vilks, who depicted the Prophet Muhammad in a 2007 sketch with the body of a dog. Police wouldn’t confirm whether those released included Paulin-Ramirez.

I have tried to find more on this story, but it is evolving so we are just going to have to keep an eye on this one, folks, for now.
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