Tea Partyers Vow Revenge Over Health Overhaul

This movement is the only movement created by “we the people”, run by “we the people”, and is the voice of “we the people”. I am sorry that the left thinks they are the majority in this country, they are not. They are the minority and need to be crushed like bugs. I was very upset and still am about this “commie” health care bill. But two positive things have come out of this disaster. The first is that The American People Are Awake. The second is that our elected cockroaches have had the light turned on them and cannot scurry under the refrigerator any longer.

Tea party activists aren’t just angry that Democrats passed a major healthcare overhaul — they also are out for revenge.

They do not see passage of the landmark reforms that usher in near-universal medical coverage as the end of the debate. Tea partyers instead vow to support attorneys general who plan a lawsuit seeking to declare the law unconstitutional. They are demanding the bill be repealed or not funded and want to kick out of office all supporters of the measure.

So far, the nascent movement has almost reveled in its rebellious and grass-roots nature and has avoided becoming as much a part of the establishment as the Republican and Democratic parties. But some tea party organizers see the healthcare debate as a galvanizing force that could stir its followers to greater action and something to rally around with midterm elections this year.

We must continue to keep the lights blaring on them folks, or our country will surely be plunged into darkness.
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