A Response to a Left wing Kool-Aide Drinker

This was my response to a post on gather

“Republican and conservative leaders and corporate interests created and deployed the strategy of attempting to intimidate members of congress by shouting in town hall meetings.”

You have actually bought into this nonsense? This is the PEOPLE standing up against big government, big debt and big taxes.

“Out of that impulse and bolstered by long-established overt racism in certain areas of the country and the visual distaste of seeing a person of color address a joint session of congress as President of the United States, Joe Wilson shouted out his now infamous invective.”

How do you get to assign motives of racism for Wilson shouting out LIAR, especially when it was proved that he was lying, in that bill illegal aliens would have received Health Care, not that they don’t already.

“This indicates to any objective observer that it is Limbaugh and Fox News who are leading the Republican party, setting the agenda and talking points, not the other way around.”

Ah, the Lefts hatred of any voice that disagrees with their own. Free Speech for all that agree with the commies because the  ends justifies the means. However, they are actually listening to the MAJORITY of Americans.

“It does have the affect of demonizing the duly elected government of the United States and convincing those people whose grasp of civics and government is less than stellar, that the Democratic leadership and the administration are doing something nefarious, which also is not true.”

Not listening to the MAJORITY of Americans who did NOT want THIS bill and using a parliamentary trick, in a way it was never intended, ask Bird who wrote the law, is unbelievably arrogant. It was President Obama , then Senator who said you can not get your agenda through and a 51 vote and be able to govern. We will see if he was right.

“It was Fox News (Republicans) who promoted and sometimes funded Tea Party gatherings. It was Republicans that were invited to speak at these events and allowed to spew their particular brand of racial hatred and intolerance to those people assembled there. It was at tea parties and other right-wing events where guns were very much in evidence, another attempt to threaten and intimidate the public and ramp up fears against the government.”

First, I did not know Fox News had a party? The bringing up of the talking point on the one event where someone carried a gun openly, where it was legal to do so, tips your hand that you are not informed, this is just talking points. If you where informed, you would have known that was a Black American so, I guess he was a racist and hates white people?

As to the Republicans speaking at some events, I watched them and know people that were there, there was nothing racial discussed. Unless, you are one of those Left wing socialist/marxists that believe that anyone who wishes to go back to following the TRUE INTENT of the Constitution and do not believe in “social justice” and that makes us racist? Yes, we do not believe in redistribution of wealth and neither did those who created the Constitution. Face it everything the Central Government does right now is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, except collecting income taxes thanks to the 16th amendment. Capitalism did not fail, we are not currently a capitalist nation. We have been a psuedo-socialist nation. The Judiciary has given the Government UNCONSTITUTIONAL powers that were NEVER intended by the people who wrote the Constitution. This is a good site to understand the commerce clause. The abuse of this clause has given the central government almost unlimited power. every single bureaucracy, welfare, social security, medicare, foreign aid, disater relief to the states, public works, etc are all unconstitutional because they did not amend the constitution. The founding fathers that created the Constitution was clear as to how the constitution could be changed for future needs, it was not through the judiciary, it was through the amendment process; which requires 3/4ths of the states and 2/3rds of congress. This can be best displayed by James Madison’s Veto of the Public works bill. James Madison is rightly considered the father of The Constitution and no, Jefferson did not write The Constitution, he was busy in France as our Ambassador. Many people from each state  of the Confederation debated for Months to come up with our Constitution, at the time our govt. was The Articles of Confederation.

I am tired of typing, can you see a pattern yet?

I know this author will not read the information presented or learn a dang thing, because he wants a country of “social justice” which is another name for communism and means we all get to suffer equally.
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