Author of Opening a Registered Nurse’s Eyes

I will be interviewed on Dr. Gianni Hayes radio show, about my novel, Opening A Registered Nurse’s Eye’s, Wednesday, June 30th @9pmEST.

To listen to the show go to The call in # is: 1-800-596-8191.
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My Interview on Patriots Chronicle TV

On Thursday May 26th 2010 I was interviewed by Eric Olsen, founder of Montana Shrugged on his TV show Patriots Chronicle. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share my novel; Opening a Registered Nurse’s Eyes, with his audience. His daughter put the interview up on U-tube and here are the links.
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Flag Vandalism Mars Memorial Day in Several States

Screw the local police, I’m calling on “we the people” to find out who did this. My husband wants to know why the FBI is not looking into this. Since it happened across state lines they have jurisdiction. But they are probably too busy going after militia’s and any law enforcement that are pulling over Illegal Aliens in Arizona.

From Fox News::

From Oregon to Minnesota to Ohio, vandals trampled on Old Glory over the Memorial Day weekend. In one Ohio town alone, approximately 25 American flags were found set ablaze on Monday.

I will be keeping an eye on this as I know it will be an evolving story. At least I hope it will be. But you can never tell what the Lame Stream Media thinks is important.

Would health care changes be felt immediately?

I know you all have been bombarted with the “commie” health care issue for a year now, but I want my Uncooperative readers to have all the info they can get to combat this socialist threat. So here is some more info to use against the left. You have to read the entire article, I just listed the topics it covers.

From CNN Politics:

One of the options for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: having the House pass the Senate bill but following up with another vote in both chambers on a series of changes. The idea is to make the legislation more acceptable for House Democrats opposed to the Senate’s version.

Although some of the provisions in the reform bill won’t be implemented immediately, here’s what Democrats say would go into effect in the first year after passage:
Eliminating caps
Pre-existing conditions
Children and pre-existing conditions
Dependent children
Small business tax credits
Preventive care
Appeals process
Help for seniors

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National Coffee Party Day flops

We just did the story about this new movement on our radio show, The Uncooperative Radio Show last weekend. This event on Saturday is going to be interesting to watch.

From WorldNetDaily:

Leading up to today’s “National Coffee Party Day” – the countrywide launch of a leftwing movement meant as an answer to the tea parties – a CNN article asked, “Will the Coffee Party rise to the scale of the Tea Party movement? Saturday is the first big test.”

If “scale” is indeed the measure by which the Coffee Party will be graded, however, today’s cup-o’-Joe kickoff has earned a resounding “F.”

Despite a news-media buildup over the past few weeks from CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, National Public Radio, Washington Post, Seattle Times and dozens of other outlets, the estimated 350 coffee houses hosting events around the country today welcomed mostly minuscule crowds.

Last year, the fledgling tea-party movement scheduled nearly 2,000 gatherings on April 15, Tax Day. Over the summer, tea partiers packed health-care town halls by the hundreds, overflowing venues and leading to lines running around the block. On Sept. 12, the crowd of tea partiers that flooded Washington, D.C., was estimated into the hundreds of thousands, possibly topping 1 million.

We will be keeping a eye on this movement and will probably do the story on the Uncooperative Radio show this weekend. I love it, the left and our elected “cockroaches” really believe that our Republic is comprised of “commies”. Well we shall see Saturday.
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Medical Self Reliance Part Two

By Susan Frances Bonner
Author of: Opening a Registered Nurse’s Eyes: A Life-Altering Journey Across North America

As a Home Health Nurse off and on since 1995, my main goal and all Home Health Nurses’ as well; was to keep my chronically ill patients out of the hospital, out of the doctor’s office and relatively healthy.

In case no one knows what a Home Health Nurse is, I have provided a definition from, “Home Health Nurse: A nurse who is responsible for a group of clients in the home setting. Visits clients on a routine basis to assist client and family with care as needed and to teach family the care needed so that the client may remain in his/her home.”

It was a daunting task, but achievable. Most of my patients suffered from Diabetes, Heart Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Asthma, ect. Diseases, that could easily go from chronic to acute and require professional medical attention. I was also dealing with an aging population, another obstacle to keeping these folks out of the hospital. In order to do that, one has to distinguish between what you can and cannot do when it comes to the health of an individual. That includes yourself and your loved ones.

My husband is chronically ill. He has Ankoyolsing Spondialitis, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. We live an hour away from the nearest medical facility and during the winter the only way to get to town is to snowmobile to our vehicle down the mountain. So, we are very conscious of what we consider a “medical emergency”.

With that disclosed; let’s explore what we can and cannot due when it comes to our health. And this will include people with chronic diseases. One; when it comes to trauma, meaning catastrophic bodily injury, there is very little one can do without a medical facility. Even if you know first aide and CPR, the person that you performed that on will still need additional medical attention. Conversely, a diabetic has complete control over their blood sugar, just as someone with high blood pressure does.

Ok, I can hear everyone now. The diagnosed diabetic and the rest of the chronic disease crowd are already in the medical system. Yes, they are; but now what? Now, you use the tools given you to become self-reliant. Nutrition, exercise and knowledge of your disease process are key. Believe you me, my husband and I find that out everyday. It’s all an experiment when it comes to our health. Medical professionals do not have all the answers. That’s why it’s called “practicing medicine”. So don’t be so hard on yourself, you can take control of your health and your loved ones as well.

Two; keep records, such as; what caused your disease? What medications, mainstream or holistic will help you control your disease? What types of foods and exercise regimens make your disease better or worse? How much stress do you have in your life and how does it affect your body? Knowledge is the key and without questions and answers there is no knowledge.

Now, common illnesses you can cure are: one the Common Cold. Antibiotics in no way shape or form help the Common Cold. The Common Cold is produced by a certain bacteria, which does not respond to antibiotics. So, the best way to cure it is to strive to keep healthy so your immune system is strong enough to battle all ills. Again, proper nutrition, (meaning, eat what you want, just in moderation), exercise and rest. Oh and laugh a lot. Laughter is the best medicine.

Two: the Flu. Three: Ear, eye and sinus infections. I am not going to elaborate on each because I want you to find out for yourselves how to prevent and cure the above. Again, knowledge is our best weapon.
And there are many different sources that you can access to gain said knowledge. Health care is very personal and it is up to you to taylor it to you and your loved ones individual needs. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

In conclusion I want to emphasize that all the above measures sound superficial but they are not. They are the basics. They are common sense approaches to keeping you and your loved ones out of the health care system, as much as possible.

Stay tuned for Part Three of this series coming to you next week!
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Happy New Year All !!

Well it’s here, 2010. Does anyone out there remember how many Science Fiction books were written about this year, not to mention movies. Does anyone remember how; said books and movies portrayed our planet? Next week I will be researching just that question and explore it on the Radio Show.

Speaking of which; the Uncooperative Radio Show Host has decided that we will continue to inform, educate and be a platform for the new “Patriot” movement. I am up for the fight against communism and the Obama Administration. Oh, no, I was just added to another “watch list”. lol 🙂

2009 was a year of great change for me. I quit a job, got laid off of a job unjustly; fought against it and won. Have had numerous court stuff, more than any in my lifetime and am now a published author. My novel; Opening a Registered Nurse’s Eyes has been out since November. I have had two interviews on other Radio Shows and am scheduled for more this year.

I also have a few new projects in the works for our little Homestead this year and will keep my readers updated as they come to fruition. Brian’s daughter got married this year and we are looking forward to a grandchild in the future, not the immediate future, but she and her husband are talking about it. We are so proud of her.

So, I hope to be blogging more this year and continuing my writing career. Including, sealing the deal with an agent I am working with to get my children’s stories published.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers and listeners for the wonderful e-mails, comments, chat room discussions and support that you have given us and hope it will continue in this New Year.

I also apologize in advance for any typo’s/misspellings, that will be occuring in this New Year, 2010. I also leave you with this Irish and Chinese curse: May You Live In Interesting Times. Well, we, do.
God Bless Us, Everyone.
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