The Uncooperativebloggers/ Radio show’s State of the Union Address

The State of the Union sucks. There ya go people. No matter what our President/Caesar and our elected cockroaches did, said, or promised tonight, do not believe it. The Constitution is the solution!!! Did ya hear that word tonight? NOOOOOOOO. WhyYYYYY! And no, we did not watch it tonight. Brian was sick all day, but we did record it. Oh, and by the way, it is Unconstitutional to televise the State of the Union Address. It was only meant to be given to the congress and the senate. Not to “we the people”. We will review this on our radio show this Thursday 1/27/11 @7pmest, on
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THE UNCOOPERATIVE RADIO SHOW The Finest Radio Show on the Internet

Brian Bonner is the Uncooperative radio show host. He along with his lovely wife and producer Susan will bring you independent and conservative views on politics and culture through opinion and Humor. Find out what it means to be an Uncooperative Citizen of these United States of America! Join us Thursday, 6/17/10, 7pmEST @
Show Segments: Brian opines on the President’s speech from the Oval Office on Tuesday. It was Flag Day on Monday, what is that? Then, the Second Amendment Report. We will bring you the ultimate smack down: Islam vs Jesus. And we cont. with the Food Police and what they are up too, and in the end; Medical Madness.
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Co-Author of The Manchurian President: Interview On the Uncooperative Radio 05/16/10

From The Uncooperative Radio Show:

Interview with the co-author of the book; The Manchurian President. The book uncovers a far-leftist, anti-American nexus that has been instrumental in not only helping build Obama’s political career but in securing his presidency. Klein, with Brenda J. Elliott details with shocking precision how this nexus continues to influence Obama and the White House and is involved in drafting policy aimed at reshaping our country.

This was revealing and frightening interview. Check it out.
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ABC Vets Insist Obama Not on Left, Blocking ObamaCare Reminds Roberts of ‘First Step Toward the Civil War’


On ABC’s This Week, when retired ABC newsman Sam Donaldson recommended that President Barack Obama nominate, to replace Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, someone who “is going to stand up for the principles – on the left, if you will – that he believes in,” Cokie Roberts jumped in: “I’m not so sure he is so far to the left.” Donaldson agreed: “Well, I’m not sure either.”

Minutes later, Roberts contended the efforts of state attorneys general, to get a federal court to rule unconstitutional ObamaCare’s requirement every citizen get health insurance, reminded her of the “nullification” which led to the Civil War:

What the hell are these people talking about? And they get paid for this? I’ll tell you I have read much more insightful stuff on Gather and heard more intelligent conversation on BlogTalk Radio, than what I get from the Lame Stream Media.
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Winners of 51st Annual Grammy Awards

Ok, I’m going to tell you a true story about Brian and my life, that is related to this story. You can believe it or not; but those who have followed our lives journey know one thing; we do not lie. I paid for Brian back in the day to get singing lessons. We were living in NY(Long Island to be exact) and having been a singer my entire life (yes even as a baby I sang) I wanted him to explore his creative side. Before this he had always walked on the logical side. Anyhoo; we found a singing coach and I payed for three lessons. Come to find out that this German gentlemen was the voice coach for Robert Plant’s Farther. Who was an Opera singer. NOW THATS IRONIC AlANIS.

from the AP:

A complete list of winners at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards.

Album of the Year: “Raising Sand,” Robert Plant and Alison Krauss; T Bone Burnett, producer; Mike Piersante, engineer/mixer; Gavin Lurssen, mastering engineer (Rounder)

Rap Album: “Tha Carter III,” Lil Wayne (Cash Money/Universal Motown)

Male Pop Vocal Performance: “Say,” John Mayer; track from “Continuum” (Columbia)

Record of the Year: “Please Read The Letter,” Robert Plant and Alison Krauss; T Bone Burnett, producer; Mike Piersante, engineer/mixer; track from “Raising Sand” (Rounder)

New Artist: Adele

Rock Album: “Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends,” Coldplay (Capitol)

Pop Collaboration With Vocals: “Rich Woman,” Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, track from “Raising Sand” (Rounder)

Song of the Year: “Viva La Vida,” Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin, songwriters (Coldplay), track from “Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends” (Capitol Records; Publishers: Universal Music-MGB Songs)

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Independent Conservative Talk Radio


Mondays at 9pm easternThe Halls of Valhalla – Conservative
Tuesday Through Thursday 11pm easternThe Uncooperative Radio show -Conservative
Friday’s 8pm EasternThe Patriot’s Pub! – U.S. history, the Constitution and the Founding Father’s

You can listen live, chat or call in without anything special to download! Except for the Patriot’s Pub which is listen only.

Of course, the shows are recorded and available for free downloads as well and appear on all my blogs side bars.

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The Uncooperative Radio Show Recording June 8, 2007

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Positive military stories the “lame stream” media won’t tell you. The Armed Citizen report and Bizarre news stories.

Subjects: A prayer for my son. A positive military story starting with: other countries are helping us on the war on terror. The armed citizen report and Montana gets an “F” from the Brady Bunch. And we’re going to have fun with some bizarre stories.


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The Uncooperative Radio Show Recording June 03, 2007

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Ups and downs for the week. Illegal immigration weekly roundup

Subject: Ups and downs for the week. Illegal immigration weekly round up starting with Presidente Bush’s remarks. He is a one worlder.

Farmers: ‘Monster Pig’ Not a Wild Hog, But Was Their Pet Pig ‘Fred’
China Rejects FDA Warning on Possibly Toxic Toothpaste
Quitting Democratic Party

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The Uncooperative Radio Show Recording June 02, 2007

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Good news from Afghanistan. TB on a plane.

Subject: First, Afghanistan had a job fair with 50,000 people and no one died!! Then TB on a plane as man with rare tuberculosis tells his tale.

Man with rare tuberculosis tells his tale

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The Uncooperative Radio Show Recording May 27, 2007

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Memorial day dedication. Ups and Downs for the week and China is not our friend.

Subject: Continuing with Memorial day with FDR’s D-day Prayer. Then the ACLU hates veterans. The ups and downs for the week. Can I say it again. Yes I can, China is not our friends.


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