Global economy menaced by return of living dead

This article is complicated, but a must read because it is important and effects every aspect of our lives. We must prepare people. Get out of debt if you can and become more self reliant.
From the financial

The global economy is being hobbled by a new generation of zombies – the economic walking dead. American consumers are in the early stages of an unprecedented retrenchment. In the 13 quarters since the beginning of 2008, inflation-adjusted annualised growth in consumption has averaged just 0.5 per cent. Never before in the postwar era have US consumers been this weak for this long.

The zombie syndrome has an important antecedent. It was, in fact, a key symptom of the Japan disease, which led to the first of two lost decades for that country. Encouraged by the government, Japanese banks kept extending credit lines for a broad cross-section of insolvent companies – postponing restructuring and inevitable failure.

I’m loving the Zombie analogy. But it’s creepy how much Zombies are being talked about these days. Recall the CDC educational video? And the Zombie flash mobs?
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My President is not only the “Great Apologizer” and the “Great Obownater”, he is now the “Great Whiner”. Thank you my fellow citizens for this one.

President Barack Obama is peeved with the American press. They never say “thank you,” he whined to journalists in Japan on Monday.

According to the pool report from the press conference, one reporter said “Thank you, Mr. President.” Someone said the reporter was Australian.

“I knew it must have been an Australian because my folks never say thank you,” Obama said.

At that, the entire American pool said in unison — admittedly with a bit of sarcasm — “Thank you, Mr. President.”

PM Gillard could be heard chiming in, “There are a few cheeky Australians here.”

At first glance, Obama’s comment reeks of arrogance. He seems to think that press access is a privilege, not a right, and that he is under no obligation to even speak to reporters.

I know all you libs out there are screaming at the top of your Obama loving lungs. STOP PICKING ON PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! Oh wait, you guys are pissed off at him too. What a great “uniter” he has turned out to be. Oh,Oh,wait, he is uniting us. He’s uniting everyone that is Pissed off at him. Good job my president, you really do mean what you say.

Co-Author of The Manchurian President: Interview On the Uncooperative Radio 05/16/10

From The Uncooperative Radio Show:

Interview with the co-author of the book; The Manchurian President. The book uncovers a far-leftist, anti-American nexus that has been instrumental in not only helping build Obama’s political career but in securing his presidency. Klein, with Brenda J. Elliott details with shocking precision how this nexus continues to influence Obama and the White House and is involved in drafting policy aimed at reshaping our country.

This was revealing and frightening interview. Check it out.
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Water, Electricity Cut Off in Mayon Volcano Danger Zone

I reported on this volcano last week and just thought I would keep ya’all updated.

From Fox News:

Fewer earthquakes have been recorded in the Philippines’ lava-spilling Mayon volcano, but the local scientists still believe an eruption to be imminent.

In response to the continued seismic activity at the volcano, Albay Governor Joey Salceda cut off the electricity and water supplies within the extended and permanent danger zones around Mayon Volcano yesterday evening, reports the Manila Bulletin.

Salceda told the paper that the move was designed to is to ensure that people remain away from their homes and out of the danger zone. Reportedly, many evacuees have returned to their homes for the New Year’s.

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Walter Cronkite Review: ‘Gawd Almighty,’ Shout ‘the Truths’ of Liberalism

I know an Icon has passed away, but the Lame Stream Media is falling all over itself fawning over this man. He lived during a time in United States History where we were changing at a dramatic rate. And a lot of the changes were not good. He got to report on it. That’s all. Oh, and he was a “globalist”, and a commie. Rest in peace.

From the Media Research Center:

In 2006 the MRC put together a compilation outlining how, since his retirement in 1981 after nineteen years as anchor of the CBS Evening News, Walter Cronkite had made clear his liberal views on a range of issues.

For the full collection of Cronkite’s liberal pronouncements, and denunciations of conservatives, since the late 1980s check the MRC’s “Walter Cronkite: Liberal Media Icon.” Categories: “Promoting Liberalism,” “Denouncing Conservatives,” “Get Out of Iraq ‘Now,’” “Believing in Conspiracies,” “Wishing for ‘One World Government,’” “Terrorism Caused by Economic Disparity,” “Pushing for More Gun Control” and “Proud of News Media’s Liberal Persuasion.”

Please, Please, Please people, follow all of links provided in this article and edumacate yourself.
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Clinton Urges China to Continue Investment in U.S. Economy

Not only is it disturbing that a Clinton chooses to visit Asia, (i.e.China!!)
as their first choice as an Obama cabinet member. Yea, I know she is Secretary of State. Duhhhh. I can’t believe I have to talk about the Cintonnnn’s, will they ever go away? argggg. See now they made me a pirate. 🙂 Does anyone, out there, out there, remember the secrets that were leaked to China during Billy Boy’s reign of terror? What about the Air Force fighter jets that the Chinese still have in their commie little hands?

From Fox News:

BEIJING – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is urging China to continue investing in United States Treasury bonds and said Sunday that country’s continued investment in the U.S. is a recognition that the two countries depend on each other.

“I certainly do think that the Chinese government and central bank are making a smart decision by continuing to invest in treasury bonds,” she said during an interview with the show “One on One.” “It’s a safe investment. The United States has a well-deserved financial reputation.”

In order to boost the economy, the U.S has to incur more debt, she said. “It would not be in China’s interest if we were unable to get our economy moving,” Clinton said. “So by continuing to support American Treasury instruments, the Chinese are recognizing our interconnection. We are truly going to rise or fall together. We are in the same boat and, thankfully, we are rowing in the same direction.

“Our economies are so intertwined, the Chinese know that to start exporting again to their biggest market, namely the United States the United States has to take some very drastic measures with this stimulus package, which means we have to incur more debt.”

China is not our Friends……

CentCom Electronic Newsletter 04-08-06

Corpsmen Treat Girls Injured by Land Mine
By Sgt. Joe Lindsay, Task Force Lava Public Affairs, US Marine Corps

JALALABAD AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Coalition corpsmen rushed to the assistance of two girls, 8 and 10, who were injured when a Soviet-era land mine exploded near here March 31.

The incident occurred when one of the girls picked up the device – one of millions that litter the Afghan countryside – and began playing with it.

“The landmine that injured these girls is called a ‘toe-popper,’” explained Navy Lt. Aric Aghayan, battalion surgeon for the 1st Battalion of the 3rd Marine Regiment, deployed to eastern Afghanistan from Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii .

“The reason it is called a ‘toe-popper’ is because if you step on one, it will blow off your toes. It is designed to maim its victims. It is very small and doesn’t look menacing, but it brings damage and destruction,” he said.

Two corpsmen – Seamen Michael Ewing and Charles Mark – ran more than a mile to help the girls, and were the first on the scene.

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USS Oak Hill Aids Vessel off Coast of Somalia
By Ensign Dave Nobles and Journalist 2nd Class Daniel Gay, Oak Hill Public Affairs, US Navy

ABOARD USS OAK HILL (LSD 51), At Sea – USS Oak Hill (LSD 51) provided assistance to a distressed vessel approximately 60 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia March 30, while conducting maritime security operations (MSO) in the area.

The crew of Motor Vessel Bhakti Sagar contacted Oak Hill via radio, asking for assistance. As part of MSO, coalition forces have a longstanding tradition of helping mariners in distress providing medical assistance, engineering assistance, and search and rescue. The motor vessel’s crew said they needed food, water and fuel.

“I was surprised to hear them call me over the radio,” said Ensign Andrew Wilcox, the officer of the deck at the time the U.S. ship received the distress call. Shortly after dawn Oak Hill sent a Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) team to the motor vessel to assess how Oak Hill could help.

“The crew was scared at first, but after they saw we were there to help them they calmed down,” said Operations Specialist Seaman Nicholas Cheramie, VBSS boarding team member.

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What We’ve Gained in Three Years in Iraq
By Donald H. Rumsfeld

Some have described the situation in Iraq as a tightening noose, noting that “time is not on our side” and that “morale is down.” Others have described a “very dangerous” turn of events and are “extremely concerned.”

Who are they that have expressed these concerns? In fact, these are the exact words of terrorists discussing Iraq — Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his associates — who are describing their own situation and must be watching with fear the progress that Iraq has made over the past three years.

The terrorists seem to recognize that they are losing in Iraq. I believe that history will show that to be the case.

Fortunately, history is not made up of daily headlines, blogs on Web sites or the latest sensational attack. History is a bigger picture, and it takes some time and perspective to measure accurately.

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Airmen Volunteers Improve Medical Facilities in Kyrgyzstan

By Staff Sgt. Lara Gale, 376th AEW Public Affairs, US Air Force

MANAS AIR BASE, Kyrgyzstan — Volunteers from the Manas Air Base Outreach Society are working to improve the lives of current and future patients in two Bishkek medical facilities.

Last week, volunteers visited patients in a children’s heart ward and a burn unit in different medical centers in Bishkek, where they delivered donated medical supplies, linen, toys and treats for the children.

At each site, they also met with doctors to make arrangements for helping improve the facility’s capabilities for the long term; at the heart ward paying for a doctor’s advanced training, and at the burn ward working toward creating an in-house rehabilitation training program and improving medical equipment.

The burn ward is located in Bishkek’s trauma center, a large medical complex with wards for severely wounded or ill patients. The entire center has just one physical therapist, who is rarely able to visit the burn ward, said Maj. tephania Timothy, a surgeon with the 376th Expeditionary Medical Group here and leader of the burn ward MABOS group.

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Afghanistan National Army’s Central Movement Agency Conducts Inaugural Operations
By Tech. Sgt. Mario Saenz, US Air Force
Office of Security Cooperation – Afghanistan Defense Reform Directorate

KABUL , Afghanistan – The Afghan National Army’s Central Movement Agency conducted their inaugural movement operations recently, delivering meals-ready-to-eat to forward operating units. This was their first self-sustained undertaking after several training deliveries in the Kabul area. This event highlights the progress the CMA has made toward total self-sufficient capability.

The CMA currently consists of 90 ANA troops and 33 new vehicles, and will mature to 890 people and 627 vehicles organized into four transportation companies. It will serve as the ANA’s national transportation system and stand ready to provide vital military transportation services for the ANA across Afghanistan.

The training sessions covered basic preventive maintenance checks and services, driver responsibilities, vehicle-specific operation and safety. All CMA vehicle operators attended each class. CMA training also included professional military topics, such as mentoring junior officers, command level decision making, and the important NCO roles and responsibilities required for mission accomplishment.

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