‘Everybody Draw Mohammed’ Page Briefly Vanishes Due to Facebook Glitch

From Fox News:

The original “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” Facebook page — with more than 80,000 followers — vanished briefly from the website Thursday, causing some users to accuse the social networking giant of censorship before the controversial page reappeared on the site.

Facebook officials said a “small technical issue” prevented users from accessing the page for a “very short period” of time.

“Once alerted to the problem, we resolved it as quickly as possible,” the company said in a statement to FoxNews.com. “We want Facebook to be a place where people can openly discuss issues and express their views, while respecting the rights and feelings of others.”

If this was communist China, or Islamic Iran this story would never have gotten out to the general population. And Facebook probably would have blocked the page from the get go. Thank God we live in The United States Of America, where we still have freedom of speech, for now anyway. If Obama and his ilk get their way, the only speech that will be allowed will be speech that they agree with and visa versa. I agree with Ms. Norris, get over yourselves Muslims.
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Iran Awaits Ayatollah’s Nod to Build Atomic Bomb

Now, while the Lame Stream Media and the rest of the world “speculates”, I will let my learned readers “decide”. After, I have asked the following questions: How do we know they do not already have such a weapon? Just because the media and the powers that be around the world say so? And, what great plan does the “world” have for stopping them if they do?

From the Times of London:

Iran has perfected the technology to create and detonate a nuclear warhead and is merely awaiting the word from its Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to produce its first bomb, Western intelligence sources have told The Times of London.

The sources said that Iran completed a research programme to create weaponised uranium in the summer of 2003 and that it could feasibly make a bomb within a year of an order from its Supreme Leader.

A U.S. National Intelligence Estimate two years ago concluded that Iran had ended its nuclear arms research programme in 2003 because of the threat from the American invasion of Iraq. But intelligence sources have told The Times that Tehran had halted the research because it had achieved its aim — to find a way of detonating a warhead that could be launched on its long-range Shehab-3 missiles.

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U.S. Steps Up Unilateral Strikes in Pakistan

It appears our government is conserned the newly elected government in Pakistan will stop our unilateral attacks on al-Qaeda in Pakistan…

From WaPO:

The United States has escalated its unilateral strikes against al-Qaeda members and fighters operating in Pakistan’s tribal areas, partly because of anxieties that Pakistan’s new leaders will insist on scaling back military operations in that country, according to U.S. officials.

Washington is worried that pro-Western President Pervez Musharraf, who has generally supported the U.S. strikes, will almost certainly have reduced powers in the months ahead, and so it wants to inflict as much damage as it can to al-Qaeda’s network now, the officials said.

Over the past two months, U.S.-controlled Predator aircraft are known to have struck at least three sites used by al-Qaeda operatives. The moves followed a tacit understanding with Musharraf and Army chief Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani that allows U.S. strikes on foreign fighters operating in Pakistan, but not against the Pakistani Taliban, the officials said.

About 45 Arab, Afghan and other foreign fighters have been killed in the attacks, all near the Afghan border, U.S. and Pakistani officials said. The goal was partly to jar loose information on senior al-Qaeda leaders, including Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants, by forcing them to move in ways that U.S. intelligence analysts can detect. Local sources are providing better information to guide the strikes, the officials said.

A senior U.S. official called it a “shake the tree” strategy. It has not been without controversy, others said. Some military officers have privately cautioned that airstrikes alone — without more U.S. special forces soldiers on the ground in the region — are unlikely to net the top al-Qaeda leaders.

The campaign is not designed to capture bin Laden before Bush leaves office, administration officials said. “It’s not a blitz to close this chapter,” said a senior official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of ongoing operations. “If we find the leadership, then we’ll go after it. But nothing can be done to put al-Qaeda away in the next nine or 10 months. In the long haul, it’s an issue that extends beyond this administration.”

I hope that the administration can convince the new government how this is in all our interests to wipe out islamic terrorists. If not will Pakistan be added to the list of countries harboring and aiding terrorists? Will we push for sanctions? Remember they are a nuclear nation.

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Bhutto’s party rises to the top

This is a bit of interesting news…

From The Washington Times:

The widower of slain opposition leader Benazir Bhutto emerged yesterday as Pakistan’s most powerful politician, in a position to form the next government, choose the prime minister and possibly determine the fate of President Pervez Musharraf.

Islamist parties sympathetic to al Qaeda and the Taliban also suffered big setbacks, losing control of a key province along the Afghan border where Osama bin Laden and other terrorist leaders are thought to be hiding.

Mrs. Bhutto’s husband, Asif Ali Zardari, ruled out a coalition that included “any of those people who are part and parcel of the previous government.” [snip…]

Results also showed a near total defeat for hard-line Islamic parties that under the previous administration ruled Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province bordering Afghan-istan.

Bhutto’s Husband took over the party? This brings up questions in my mind as to who was responsible for Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. I mean did the husband want the position? Where there otheers in the party that wanted a man in this position?

On a positive note the islamic nutjobs lost the election. How will this affect how Waziristan will be run? Will the terrorists continue to have a safe haven or not?

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Bush: ‘Restore democracy as quickly as possible’

What is he thinking…

From the boston globe:

Bush did not speak directly to Musharraf, a leader who took power in a 1999 coup but whom he has previously hailed as a friend he trusts and as a strong defender of freedom. Instead, the president handed that task to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who spoke with the Pakistani leader on the developing crisis for about 20 minutes from her plane en route home from the Middle East.

Bush said he directed Rice to deliver this message: “We expect there to be elections as soon as possible and that the president should remove his military uniform.”

Musharraf is in a very hard place right now. He is one of our biggest allies in the war on terror, and I know he is not doing enough, and he has to deal with radical Islam within his own borders. He feels he has to do this to prevent a taliban style government taking over his country. A country, I might add, with nuclear weapons! Bush is playing to the P.C. crowd and I think he is making a gigantic mistake.

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Pakistan: 310 killed in militant fight

Well, well, well, it looks like President Musharraf has finally had enough…

From the AP:

MIRAN SHAH, Pakistan – A month of fierce fighting near the Afghan border has killed about 250 militants and 60 Pakistani troops, the army said Friday, hours after the deaths of six soldiers in a suicide attack and roadside bombing.

Pakistan, a key ally of the United States in fighting terrorism, has deployed about 90,000 troops in the border region to try to contain al-Qaida and Taliban militants and their local supporters, who often target security forces.

President Musharraf is in a tight spot, he has a light grip on power in Pakistan, so he cannot outrage his citizens. Yet, he has do something about these terrorists in the wild region of Pakistan. After all they have threatened him and tried to assassinate him. We will have to watch this to see how it unfolds, but now he seems to be moving in the right direction.

I know no one wants to hear this, but we will be fighting terrorism long after I am dead, so toughen up and accept this fact.

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Saudi’s Developing Nuclear Weapons

This is being completely overlooked…

From Koinonia House Online:

Amid the growing controversy over Iran’s nuclear program, new information has emerged to suggest that Iran’s bitter rival, Saudi Arabia, has also been developing nuclear weapons.Saudi Arabia is believed to be building its clandestine nuclear program with the help of nuclear scientists from Pakistan. Earlier this week an Arabic news website published claims that Saudi Arabia has secretly constructed nuclear laboratories beneath several newly-built prisons. According to the magazine Israel Today, the website also “cited intelligence reports that indicated the Saudis are constructing a massive underground nuclear center and missile base south of the capital of Riyadh.”

It has long been speculated that Saudi Arabia is developing a nuclear weapons program. In fact, evidence suggests that Saudi Arabia’s quest for the bomb began as early as 1975. It has stayed under the radar primarily because of a scarcity of hard evidence, but also in large part because the United States’ willingness to turn a blind eye to the problem. Saudi Arabia is an important strategic ally that the US cannot afford to alienate.

Perhaps some of the most compelling evidence for Saudi Arabia’s nuclear activities was provided by a man named Muhammad Khilevi, a former UN official who defected from Saudi Arabia in 1994. After defecting he turned over more than 10,000 documents to the IAEA that were obtained from the Saudi Arabian Embassy. The documents show that between 1985 and 1990, the Saudi government paid up to 5 billion dollars to Saddam Hussein to build a nuclear weapon.

In the late 1980’s Saudi Arabia purchased a stockpile of ballistic missiles with a 3,500 km range, capable of carrying nuclear, chemical and biological warheads. The Chinese CSS-2 missiles were deployed at the El-Solayil and Al-Jofar military bases. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, “missiles of such range are difficult to justify unless they carry nuclear weapons. They are too elaborate and expensive to make sense for anything else.” While these missiles are now largely considered obsolete, they are still considered convincing evidence of Saudi Arabia’s nuclear ambitions.

Experts believe that Saudi Arabia has also helped to fund Pakistan’s nuclear program. The Saudis are believed to have exchanged both cash payments and free oil for nuclear technology. In fact, Saudi Arabia has provided Pakistan with an estimated 1.2 billion dollars worth of oil a year for the past ten years, virtually free of cost. In May 1999, the Saudi Defense Minister visited Pakistan’s highly restricted uranium enrichment and missile assembly factory where he was reportedly briefed by A.Q. Khan – the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program. High-level defense officials from the two countries have met repeatedly in recent years, fueling speculation about Saudi Arabia’s nuclear activities.[snip]

Before September 11, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan were the only countries that recognized and aided Afghanistan’s Taliban regime. In fact, Saudi Arabia still helps to fund some 15,000 religious schools in Pakistan. Students memorize the Koran and are indoctrinated with anti-American, anti-Israeli and anti-Indian propaganda. They are also encouraged to engage in jihad to defeat a “global conspiracy to destroy Islam”. These schools supplied thousands of recruits for the Taliban militia in Afghanistan and are still being used to recruit militants to fight the US-led forces in the Middle East.

You should go read the whole article.

I know they are supposed to be our ally, but they teach radical Islam, their people are starting to demand they break ties with us, they have a secret nuclear program and we are going to give them weapons technology? Possible Saudi Arms Sale Stirs Controversy – ABC News. this is worse than the cold war. atleast during the cold war we had two clear enemies, China and Russia. Now we have posibble enemies everywhere! N. Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, terrorists, and many other possibilities in the Middle east and Africa.

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