My President is not only the “Great Apologizer” and the “Great Obownater”, he is now the “Great Whiner”. Thank you my fellow citizens for this one.
From Newsbusters.org:

President Barack Obama is peeved with the American press. They never say “thank you,” he whined to journalists in Japan on Monday.

According to the pool report from the press conference, one reporter said “Thank you, Mr. President.” Someone said the reporter was Australian.

“I knew it must have been an Australian because my folks never say thank you,” Obama said.

At that, the entire American pool said in unison — admittedly with a bit of sarcasm — “Thank you, Mr. President.”

PM Gillard could be heard chiming in, “There are a few cheeky Australians here.”

At first glance, Obama’s comment reeks of arrogance. He seems to think that press access is a privilege, not a right, and that he is under no obligation to even speak to reporters.

I know all you libs out there are screaming at the top of your Obama loving lungs. STOP PICKING ON PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! Oh wait, you guys are pissed off at him too. What a great “uniter” he has turned out to be. Oh,Oh,wait, he is uniting us. He’s uniting everyone that is Pissed off at him. Good job my president, you really do mean what you say.

Thai coup leader unveils PM plans

Just a quick FYI, while I run out to treatment.

From the BBC:

The leader of the military coup in Thailand has said a new prime minister will be named within two weeks.

Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin told a news conference that new elections would take place in a year’s time, once a new constitution had been written.

A statement read on state television said Thailand’s king had endorsed Gen Sonthi as temporary leader, although the monarch has not spoken in person.

The coup was staged late on Tuesday as PM Thaksin Shinawatra was in New York.

The UK’s foreign office confirmed that Mr Thaksin was expected in London later on Wednesday.

The coup followed months of growing tension in Thailand, with protests against Mr Thaksin and a general election which was annulled due to concerns about its legitimacy.

So far, reporters in Thailand say the atmosphere remains calm and no outbreaks of violence have been reported.

In the news conference on Wednesday evening, Gen Sonthi claimed he was acting in line with the wishes of the Thai people, blaming government mismanagement for forcing coup leaders to act.

But he denied the military wanted a permanent hold on power, attempting to reassure his audience by putting a deadline on how long he would remain in power.

“We have two weeks. After two weeks, we will step out,” he said.

He said coup leaders were considering candidates to appoint as the new prime minister, who would rule until fresh elections in a year’s time.

In the interim, he said, a new national assembly would be appointed to draft a new, permanent constitution.

It is the first coup attempt in 15 years in a country where they used to be commonplace. There were 17 of them between 1932 and 1991.

Series of 22 Bombs Explode in Thailand

From FNC:

At least 22 bombs exploded almost simultaneously Thursday inside commercial banks in southern Thailand, killing two people and injuring 28 in a region bloodied by a Muslim insurgency, police said.

The homemade bombs, which were triggered by mobile phone signals, were placed in garbage bins, at newspaper stands and near seats where customers wait for service in the banks in Yala province, said Maj. Gen. Paithoon Choochaiya who heads the provincial force.

Authorities said that two suspects had been seized.

A review of close-circuit video showed that some of the explosives were planted by women, police said.

The army chief in the south, Lt. Gen. Ongkorn Thongprasom, said some of the apparently small devices were hidden in women’s handbags or secreted into thick books carried by teenagers dressed in student uniforms.

“We received some intelligence reports, but we did not anticipate it would happen inside banks, especially on the last day of the month. We don’t believe they are that cruel,” Ongkorn said. Banks are normally crowded at month’s end with customers withdrawing funds from their deposited salary checks.

The bombs were set off in 22 of Yala’s 30 bank branches, both in the provincial capital and outlying districts.

The Islamic Bank of Thailand was among those attacked, according to reporters at the scene. The bank, set up in five southern provinces by the government, was created according to Muslim law, which prohibits interest.

More than 1,500 people have been killed in the insurgency since early 2004, most of them in the Muslim-dominated provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani. The rebels are seeking to separate from a country where Buddhists form the vast majority.

Targets of the rebels have included government officials, school teachers, policemen, Buddhist monks and many Muslims suspected of collaboration with the government.

Violent incidents — bombings, drive-by shootings and beheadings — occur almost daily.

Last weekend, suspected insurgents killed the highest-ranking officer to die in the south since 2004. Col. Suthisak Praertsri and another soldier died when a bomb exploded under their vehicle as it was moving into a village in Yala.

Yup, it is all about U.S. foreign policy…