Report: Israel Plans to Deport Cynthia McKinney After Seizing Her Gaza-Bound Boat

Cynthia McKinney the craziest United States House of Representative and ex-presidential candidate in the history of the world. But, she is the gift that keeps on giving to this humble blog.

From Fox News:

Israel plans to deport former U.S. lawmaker and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and 20 other human rights activists who were aboard a relief boat seized by an Israeli naval ship Tuesday after it refused to stay away from an Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Authorities took the activists to Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv where they await deportation, according to a news report in Israel.

McKinney, a longtime advocate for Palestinians, said her Greek-flagged boat, the Spirit of Humanity, was carrying medical supplies, cement, olive trees and children’s toys to Gaza when it was intercepted by the Israeli navy.

The Free Gaza Movement organized the trip for the activists who hail from different countries, including Ireland, Britain and Bahrain.

We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine. We all live in a yellow submarine.

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Bible buzz begins as Ark hunters wait to view Ten Commandments box

We’re watching the History Channel this early afternoon, Mountain time and they are doing a special about the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse and then I find this article. ooooo, spooky.

Ark hunters and Bible enthusiasts are buzzing about a report that the Ark of the Covenant, the ancient container that holds the Ten Commandments, is expected to be unveiled in Rome today.

As WND reported, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia says he will announce to the world the unveiling of the Ark, which he says has been hidden away in a church in his country for millennia, according to the Italian news agency Adnkronos.

Abuna Pauolos, in Italy for a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI this week, told the news agency, “Soon the world will be able to admire the Ark of the Covenant described in the Bible as the container of the tablets of the law that God delivered to Moses and the center of searches and studies for centuries.”

Can it be true? We will have to wait and see. For those who believe the end is near, this will be huge. I wonder how the Israelis will react? I mean this discovery could really change the world. Think about all the people that do not believe in God, how would they explain this away? And what would the Muslim world do about this revelation? Ah, we really do live in interesting times. Hey, isn’t that a Chinese Curse!

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Israeli ground forces enter Gaza in escalation

I don’t know how this is going to turn out…

From The Washington Times:

Israeli tanks and infantry entered Gaza after nightfall Saturday, launching a ground offensive that the military said would be a “lengthy operation” in a widening war on Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

Heavy gun battles were reported as troops crossed the border into Gaza. Local TV networks broadcast images of troops marching into Gaza after dark.

“We have many many targets,” Maj. Avital Leibovich told CNN. “To my estimation, it will be a lengthy operation.” She said the goal of the operation was to take over the areas used by militants to launch rockets against Israel.

“The civilians are not our target, only militants, Hamas militants,” she said.

To prove their statement…

Also from The Washington Times:

With its tanks and troops poised for days at the Gaza frontier, Israel signaled Friday – by allowing hundreds of Palestinians with foreign passports to escape the coastal strip – that it might give the go-ahead for a ground invasion of the embattled Arab territory.

Among those allowed to leave were 27 U.S. citizens and members of their families whom the State Department said it helped get out of Gaza and would send to Jordan. The department said it stood ready to help others flee the Israeli bombardment.

All I know is This time Israel had better be successful, they cannot suffer another defeat after Lebanon. That said, how long do you think we would put up with a neighboring country’s terrorists launching rockets in to the U.S.?

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Radio Interview: Barry Chamish Tonight!

That is right! controversial Author Barry Chamish will be on the uncooperative Radio Show 8pm Eastern tonight! This will be a very interesting interview, so don’t miss it!

Barry Chamish is Israel’s most controversial writer. Ten years ago he claimed in his best-selling book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, that the prime minister was murdered in a coup from within his own party. In the past 3 years every major newspaper poll has proved the majority of Israelis support Chamish. The Israeli government’s answer was to smear Chamish with ugly web sites, rumors and violent accidents. Tired of the harassment, and fearing for his life, Barry Chamish is in the U.S.A. for several months and offering his lectures to your congregations or organizations. Barry believes, that a second holocaust is being engineered in Israel at this time and that soon Israel will cease to exist as we know it; it will become a country without borders, and Jerusalem will become a multinational city, run by a team that includes the Vatican.

Search hastens for lost pages of most accurate Hebrew Bible

This seemed right for Christmas…

From The Washington Times:

A worldwide hunt is under way for missing segments of the oldest and most reliable copy of the Hebrew Bible, nearly half of which disappeared 60 years ago during anti-Jewish riots in Aleppo, Syria.

Although the effort has been under way for some time, it has accelerated in recent months.

The Ben-Zvi Institute here is spearheading the effort and hopes to enlist the help of Aleppo’s now-dispersed Jewish population, some of whom live in the U.S.

“We are appealing to the older members of Aleppo’s once-great Jewish community, who are scattered throughout the world, to look for the missing fragments and bring them to us,” said Zvi Zameret, the institute’s director.

Known as the Aleppo Codex, this religious and linguistic treasure dates back 1,000 years and is regarded by scholars as unsurpassed in accuracy and calligraphy.

“It is the most reliable version of the Old Testament,” Israeli archaeologist Gabriel Barkay, who specializes in ancient Jewish history, told The Washington Times.

“Although the Dead Sea Scrolls predate it by nearly a millennium, they do not include all of the books that comprise the Jewish Bible’s three sections — most of which are in Hebrew, and some of which are in Aramaic.”

Those three sections are the Pentateuch (also known as The Five Books of Moses), the Prophets and the Scriptures.

“The Aleppo Codex contained all three until it fell victim to vandals and looters,” he said.

The Aleppo Codex was transcribed about the year 950 in Tiberias, the Roman-era city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, where, as late as the 10th century, Hebrew was the spoken language, Mr. Barkay said.

It was transferred to Jerusalem a century later, but because the city was conquered and reconquered at the time, it fell prey first to the Seljuk Turks and then to the Crusaders.

“They stole it but refrained from any desecration,” Mr. Barkay said.

Read more>>

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Russia: Hamas to end attacks against Israel

Well here is some positive news…

From USA Today:

Hamas supreme leader Khaled Mashaal promised during a meeting Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow that the militant Palestinian group will end missile attacks and other violence against Israel, Lavrov said.

However, Mashaal said his group is not ready to recognize the Jewish state. Renouncing violence and recognizing Israel are key demands of international peace negotiators before ending a financial aid boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

Hopeful, but we will see how ling this lasts. I mean, if they do not recognize Israel’s right to exist they must be planning on doing something about that, right?

Egypt: Terrorists planning Sinai attack

Can anyone see the future yet?

From The Jerusalem Post:

Egyptian security forces discovered on Friday approximately one metric ton of explosives hidden underground near Egypt’s border with Gaza, a security official said.

The explosives, mostly TNT that officials believe was recovered from land mines, were stashed in 34 plastic sacks, the security officer said speaking on condition of anonymity, because he is not authorized to give statements to the media. The explosives were to be smuggled to the Gaza Strip, he said.

Bedouin trackers working for the authorities led security forces to the underground hiding place in Nagaa Shabanah, a village a few kilometers south of the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

The discovery came on the heels of a report by Egyptian intelligence that two Palestinians armed with explosives had infiltrated Sinai and intended to carry out suicide terror attacks against tourists.

The Counterterrorism Bureau of the National Security has advised Israelis not to travel to Sinai, Army Radio reported Friday.

Friday’s terror warning followed the arrest Thursday of 23 Egyptian terror suspects, while on Wednesday, northern Sinai was on high alert after Egyptian border and security authorities arrested 3 Palestinians and Egyptians, including one who was wearing an explosives belt and had crossed from Gaza to Egypt in an underground tunnel.

For a very long time, for many generations this struggle against terrorists will continue.