Facts on the Cost of Illegal Alien Invaders

1. The number of illegal immigrants estimated to be here are from 12-24+ mil!

2. 5+ million cheat the government out of over $35 Billion a year in income taxes.

3. At the same time they receive $30 Billion a year in government benefits!

4. 96% of increased enrollment in public schools is due to immigration. Parents of those students contribute little or nothing in taxes to support education!

5. 2002 – American Hospital Assoc. paid $21 Billion in uncompensated healthcare..this does not include Government and private clinics costs. US Census Bureau 2003 report; 30.6% Hispanics vs. 9% other received means tested government benefits (welfare, healthcare, food stamps).

7. These 30.6% contributed NOTHING to the government while receiving benefits.

8. Taxpayers pay $12 Billion annually for illegal’s education. Add children born here to illegal parents = $28.6 Billion.

9. Providing dual language programs represents additional expense Of $290-$879 PER pupil PLUS free meals/books for illegal children in our classrooms.

10. 270,000 = number of illegal aliens spending time in our jails in 2003. 1 in 5 in our prison population are illegal aliens convicted of a felony AFTER entering our county illegally.

11. Illegal aliens displace approximately 730,000 American workers every year!

12. $20 BILLION in remittances sent back to Mexico last year! That’s a lot of $ taken out of our Economy to be sent home to their own!

FOR MORE FACTS & INFORMATON: Coalition Against Illegal Immigration, alipac and fairus

3 thoughts on “Facts on the Cost of Illegal Alien Invaders

  1. Funny thing about how Americans have amnesia regarding our history: Folks were up in arms about the idea of the National Guard being mobilized to secure the Southern Border (again). Evidently no one realized that it had been done before in 1916 when the US was virtually at war with Mexico over a number of things that are still a problem today including illegal immigration, smuggling of contraband and military incursions.

    Check out Soldiers Mail to read letters from the front line during this forgotten time not even 100 years ago.

  2. No wonder all the government programs such as social security, medicare/medicaid are broke. Now Obama wants to give them amnesty…..we’re totally screwed!

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