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    • Uncooperative Radio 03-16-18 March 17, 2018
      We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. We will never forget the cowards of Broward County, Florida. Then, The Fuzzy Muzzy Report, what’s up with our schools, Looney Tuny global warming report and Space the Final Frontier
    • Uncooperative Radio 03-16-18 March 17, 2018
      We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. We will never forget the cowards of Broward County, Florida. Then, The Fuzzy Muzzy Report, what’s up with our schools, Looney Tuny global warming report and Space the Final Frontier
    • Uncooperative Radio 03-02-18 March 4, 2018
      We start the show with a Prayer. Then, the Ups and Downs for the week, China is not our friend, Our Military Heroes, News behind the news and What is Planned Parenthood up to now?
    • Uncooperative Radio 03-02-18 March 3, 2018
      We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. Brian will rant about free trade, tariffs and Trump. Then, What is the Supreme Court up to now? Followed by, the Jewish holiday of Purim was this week we will review, The Political Smack Down, are you ready to rumble and we will go back in history to the siege of Boston
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2 Responses

  1. Lou, do you think John Mccain will secure the border or do any thing about the Illegals. No, because he’s Bushes right hand man, been in Wasington all of these years and haven’t done any thing yet. We the Americans People need to send all new people there. Get rid of all the old Senate and Con
    gress and elect new officials. Keep up your good work.

    edna, Timberlake, N.C.

  2. Press Release from the Committee to Elect Darlene Fitzgerald Price to the
    U.S. Senate:

    It is with great pride that the Committee to Elect Darlene Fitzgerald
    Price announces the candidacy of a true American hero to the U.S. Senate
    in 2010 to represent the great state of Kentucky. Darlene will be formally announcing her candidacy for the U.S. Senate at a press conference on Saturday, August 2nd, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. at the American Legion Post in her home county in McCreary Kentucky. Darlene will be the
    first female and first female veteran to serve as a Kentucky Senator.
    She will also be the first former Law Enforcement Special Agent to serve
    as a Senator from Kentucky.

    Darlene proved herself as a true patriot when she fought and risked her
    life to expose corruption along our borders. She has testified before
    congress to expose high level coverups that jeopardized our national
    security. Darlene is the coauthor of “BorderGate” in which she details
    her fight and struggle to insure a safe America.

    Darlene’s back ground, commitment, and strong desire to represent the
    people of Kentucky will set her apart in the coming elections. She
    believes that it is time for a Senator that will listen to all
    Kentuckians and stand up for them in Washington. Darlene is truly a
    Kentuckian for Kentucky!

    To read more about Darlene’s candidacy, please visit her web site at:
    Darlene4Senate.com. To arrange an interview or to have Darlene speak to
    your group, please call 1-888-DAR-2010 or write to Darlene at: The
    Committee to Elect Darlene
    P.O. Box 279
    Whitley City, KY 42653

    Dear Colleagues,

    It is a real honor to share my personal support for Darlene Fitzgerald
    Price’s Senate campaign. In my job as legal director of the Government
    Accountability Project, over the last 29 years I have staked my
    credibility and volunteered my time to help over 4,000 “whistleblowers” ­
    those employees who use free speech rights to challenge abuses of power
    that betray the public trust. None has been more worthy than Darlene
    Fitzgerald Price, whose relentless pursuit of government corruption
    sustaining national security threats has not let up since the bureaucracy
    forced her out for “committing the truth.” Our country desperately needs
    public servants to replace the politicians in Congress, and Darlene personifies the concept of public service.

    I have known Darlene for more than eight years. Her
    compelling story of a modern day Serpico fighting law enforcement
    corruption is a microcosm why I’ve dedicated my professional life to
    helping whistleblowers speak truth to power. Insiders like Darlene
    bravely fight government waist, fraud, abuse and corruption by risking
    their careers and reputation. The most courageous, such as Darlene, risk
    their lives. She even took her agency, the Department of Homeland
    Security (DHS), to federal civil court where she and co-plaintiff Sandy
    Nunn made history in a landmark case — the first time a sitting judge
    took the stand and testified against federal government corruption. Why?
    Corrupt DHS officials refused to find out what was in five suspicious
    railroad tanker cars coming over the border, potentially loaded with
    narcotics, bombs or other weapons for terrorist arsenals.

    Darlene is not just gutsy. She is as tough as they come, which is
    essential to fight the corruption within Congress. She proved it on the
    bureaucratic line of fire. Few whistleblowers in cases of this magnitude
    ever survive this kind of fight intact. They become broken, embittered
    victims who are financially ruined, or develop serious health conditions.
    Most lose everything, including their families through divorce. These
    tactics are very successful in making a pathetic example out of
    whistleblowers, so others will keep their mouths shut. Not with Darlene.
    Her relentless battle to defend freedom of speech where it counts has
    gained a step, if anything. As an author and nationally recognized leader
    of the whistleblower community, she is always there to defend our nation
    from the most serious threats to America’s freedom ­ abuses of government
    power sustained by secrecy.

    It is time to send a Ms. Smith to Washington. We need corruption war
    heroes in the Senate.



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